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  1.    #1 is selling the Verizon version of the 6600 for $449.99 with a only a one year contract (all others seling PPC phones require 2 years). I would put the link here but it is zip code specific to see the detailed info in your cart.

    Wirefly is known for their much delayed mail-in rebates, aka. customer loyalty, paid after 270 days of service. But this time the savings are instant. I was surprised. If I could live with the $45 per month PDA data plan that Verizon offers I would go for it, because the phone is EVDO enabled. On the other hand you can still get MOU, or 5MB plan cheap.

    Edit: upon further examination there is $100 customer loyalty rebate. So the instant savings put the phone at $549.99, then you get $100 later.
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    Anyone heard of a cheaper deal on the sprint version of the 6600? Thanks.

    Also, is it still only available through Telesales?
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    its $353 or something for 2 year contract... goto the phones page at sprint, they have it
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    Curious, if anyone has experience with this:
    I was approved for something like 4 lines when I bought and signed up with my 650. Do you get the discounted price for an additional phone, or do they charge full price? And also, do you get the 14 day return with an additional phone and number?

    Yeah yeah, I know RTFM, but I'm too lazy to hunt down contracts and search the Sprint site. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I always got the advertised discounts ($150+) on additional lines. You gotta sign a 1-2yr contract for each one separately if you get 'em at separate times.

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