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    I'm trying to configure a VPN between my Sprint PPC6000 and network at work.
    We use a Cisco 3000 VPN concentrator and require 3DES encryption for all connections.

    I was able to connect last night using the native VPN app and PPTP, but only because the encryption requirement had been removed. With encryption required, connection is refused with either PPTP or IPSec. Suspect Windows Mobile 2003 doesn't support 3DES encryption.

    Hve googled searched this forum but haven't been able to find another app that might work. Downloaded Remote Control for Pocket PC, but it doesn't seem to fit the bill either. Am also concerned that once I beat this VPN problem I may experience problems with VNC as well.

    Any insights and recommendations that you gurus can provide is much appreciated. I love this device, but would really miss the ability to connect to work that my T600 had with Mergic VPN and Palm VNC viewer.

    Thanks in advance
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    it does support vpn and 3des encryption, along with des and blowfish (if i'm not mistake). i think the problem lies in vpn as software. i haven't been able to connect to vpn on my handheld, and a lot of users of the european model, blue angel, were unable to as well. i'll try looking for the post, but somewhere on under the blue angel handheld there were postings of how to fix the vpn. i'll try searching once i get a chance, but if you have some time and beat me to it, i'd like to hear the answer as well

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