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    I just got my Verizon PPC6600, and now I want to get a bluetooth headset for it. Which ones do you guys recommend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by interclubs
    I just got my Verizon PPC6600, and now I want to get a bluetooth headset for it. Which ones do you guys recommend?
    Here's a cheap one to try out:

    Seems to work O.K. in my very limited experience.

    Bob Duckworth
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    No question, the SonyEricson headsets are the best for this phone. I have the HBH-300.
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    I agree on the SonyEricson's. I've got the HBH-660 and it works great.
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    What type of battery does the HBH-660 use? Anyone know? Patiently waiting to recieve mine and rumor has it that it uses a NiMH battery?? Why???
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    I have heard nothing but great reviews for both the HBH-300 and the Plantronics M3000. Since the M3000 is currently going for only $35, it won out for me.

    I ordered the Plantronics M3000 headset for $35 yesterday at around 4:30 pm PST at They had free shipping but opted for the $9.99 overnight, and it arrived at 10 am this morning!!!!!

    Here is the review I posted on another thread:

    This is my first BT Headset so, of course I couldn't wait 8 hours to charge before giving it a try. I must say as for quality of sound, this is absolutely least for the first day trying it out. I had no static whatsoever. I called a bunch of my friends just to ask, "How do I sound?" All of them said it was great, while 2 of them said it was the best cell phone connection they have heard and they had no idea I was using my cell phone let along a headset.

    I just tested the distance....I am in a hotel room, so I was only able to go about 35 feet into a second bedroom. With the phone in the furthest point of the living room and with me in the back of the second bedroom, I had some rough static but was still able to carry on a conversation, though at times I had to repeat myself.

    It was crystal clear until around 15-20 feet when a little bit of static started.

    As for is pretty good, I have to get it at just the perfect angle or it seems to add pressure to a part of my ear. It is easy to and quick to put on.......with a little practice at least.

    Bottom line is I would certainly reccomend this BT headset....especially at $35. I am very tempted to get another one for a spare everything that I can always keep in my computer bag just in case I forget it on a road trip for work.

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