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    Engadget has a story saying that the T|5 and Zire 72 will come bundled with the Pa1mOne wifi card. Story here...

    How bout getting those drivers to use Pa1mOne?

    [rant]Between the lieing of having bluetooth DUN, memory problems, small amount of memory, and no Wifi drivers for the Treo 4 months after the release several ppl don't have nice things to say about P1. Some one better slap them upside the head and knock some sence in to them...[/rant]

    but now you get a free wifi card with a T5 and Zire 72...

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    i just read something on brighthand about this and well it ticks me off...come on man...i mean i dont mind...but if you could do the T|5 do the treo 650 too....
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    ..... it ticks me off...come on man...i mean i dont mind...but if you could do the T|5 do the treo 650 too....

    It finally dawned on me one day... we are not PalmOne's customers... the CARRIERS are PalmOne's customers. Sprint says no WiFi: then there shall be no WiFi. They really don't seem interested in what you or I might wanna say about it.
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    but i will tell you one thing...they do have our attention...this is perfect for them of course...we are at their there are a lot of palmOS dedicated by adding small change over small change they are truly pwning us
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    BLA!! Too little too late! Even with the bundled wifi card, the T5 is still a pathetically overpriced piece of dung. As always palmone is late to the party...this time about 3 years or so! It is unbelievable that PalmOne has only ever released ONE friggin model with integrated wifi and the 650 was the first ever with dual wireless (WAN + BT) and there has never been any dual wifi + BT devices yet! Sheesh....
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