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    BTW, a safety feature found in the 66 is that it makes you pull over to dial .
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    I don't miss the Treo community, cuz I never left I still am active on all forums, and manage to help someone, or learn from someone, and have fun in the process.

    One hand operation can get you killed iof you're doing it while driving, whether you use an SX66 or Treo 650. The best thing is to use voice dialing when you're on the road. Hell, I even find mnyself swirving off my lane when I'm dialing my little Moto v551. So that argument is as old as cell phones.

    My contention with the PPC phones has to do with the performance and reliability of the phone portion, not with how I can dial with one hand, or one hand an one foot.

    The PPC phone is not for everyone. If you don't like it, you're the king. Return it or sell it, and go for a Treo 650. But watch out for those random resets when your phone rings and it's the VP on the other line
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    Maybe I'm a lunatic but I used to be able to dial out with one-hand on the Treo 600 and even surf the web while driving *safely* . Beyond driving I have just found it a real hassle to use the phone features of the SX66. I always find myself taking out the stylus in order to make a call. Voice dailing is an option, that I haven't tried. I have so many contacts with similiar names I'm not sure how well voice dailing works in these situations...

    I have also found retrieving email to be a real hassle. I used to use SnapperMail on the Treo and I have found that software to be far superior to the built-in email app on the PPC or Web IS which is another leading third party email app for the PPC.

    I could go on and on about the shortcomings of the SX66. For my purposes it has really been a failure. Your issue of random resets is funny. The devices have something in common The SX66 has caused me to miss more phone calls then any other phone I've ever had. Whether it crashes, won't answer or simply fails to ring, it lets me down quite often when it comes to something as basic as answering the phone. All the built-in ring-tones were so weak that I ended up creating my own custom ring-tone and even that tone causes the device to hard crash randomly. Even though the file is just a few KB and the clip is only 5 seconds long.
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    The transition from Treo to PPC is not always rosey. I had similar complaints as far as phone performance, and ended up getting a flip phone for voice calls until I figure out if there is a more reliable converged device. I know the Treo 650 is not it, because I've already tried it for 3 weeks.

    I've already dealt with low ring volumes, thanks to Hobbes loud ringtones. I did not have any reset problems with the PPC6601 or SX66, but I'm not happy with the BT headset performance. My second SX66 is arriving today. So, well see if that's a keeper. If not, and until they bring out a reliable converged device, I'm sticking with my trusty Moto v551 and IQue3600 GPS/PDA. I got a long fine till now. I don;t see what the big deal is. Of course, if the IQue had bluetooth it would make me even happier. Nothing really does. I'm just a gadget freak.
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    From what I have been told both 6600/6601 are TELESALES handsets.
    Which you can do same as buying off
    Or select Third Party Vendors...
    (Just what I have heard...)

    Stores I know that carry them...
    Such as:
    Best Buy
    Radio Shack
    To name a couple...

    KEEP in mind... What interest you more...

    * Battery Life?
    * Playing video games?
    * Productivity?
    * Reception / RF output...

    The PPC-6600 will have the traditional PPC battery life of 2.8 - 3.5 hours of continous talk time... I have managed @ testing 2 that Audiovox left at my Sprint store lasted around 2.1-2.6 with PDA usage...
    The MANY apps that come with it running in the background kill the battery life, along with the nice bright screen, need to turn down the backlight...

    ** One highlight of the PPC-6600(1) thing is the built in Windows Media Player... Download 9.0 for it... Onlything I wish the Palm would have... But I am content on my TREO...

    TREO on the other hand... 5hrs continous hours of talk time, and a 2week standby. This will be even higher when you load the app [KBLightsOff]. Which allows you to toggle the keyboard lights off and on. Also toggle the flashing LED service light... For the years of smart devices Palm's have always had better battery life "at Sprint" anyway.

    This is another contender in PPC world:
    Cnet- Samsung i730 PPC
    * EV-DO Right around the bend... Few months till we get our crack @ SPEED!
    * We are getting our new EV-DO Data Card this month!
    * Samsung A790 EV-DO compatible this month!
    Just pointing some little facts out there I thought might help in the decision making process...
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    Just be sure your Treo doesn't sneeze, cough, and go into resets when you're showing it off, or when you're receiving important phone calls

    Best Buy has PPC6600? I gotta call them and get a 30 days trial. Who am I kidding. I already tried PPC6601 and SX66. I think my next serious gadget will be the MDA IV, but that one looks impossible to use as a phone without the BT headset. Slapping that phone on the side of your face to talk can get you some strange looks
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    "Just spent quite some time working the Sprint "Data" division on an unreated issue, but of course after we finished fixing the issue I had to ask regarding EVDO. I was told the following "We have just been made aware a couple of says ago regarding the new phones coming out which will handle our new broadband service" He also mentioned that Nextel was in the mix with this.

    I asked what about the PPC 66xx and he said that it is his understanding that Sprint WILL NOT enable evdo on these devices as they have plans on selling new equipment. He basically hinted that there is big competition with VZ and because lost sales due to VZ's evdo Sprint was doing whatever it took to regain sales.

    To me it sounds like we are being suckered into buying a device and leading us to believe it will be upgraded when Sprint "it seems" has no plans on doing this, but selling new phones."

    If this is true, looks like a very bad idea to me.

    Bob Duckworth
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    That thread is getting quite interesting, Bob. It would be interesting if AiMan can produce some screenshots with the PPC6600 from sprint working with EVDO. I have to be doubtful for now till it is confirmed.

    OTOH, if it is true what that Sprint person says about having to buy new phones to access EVDO then Sprint will have angry mobs who want to return their PPC6600/6601 phones for full credit.

    It will be interesting to see if the data plan remains the same, or if EVDO access will be classified with a specific data connect plan ($39.99~$44.99)
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    Tony: I agree. Seems that he is the "Chosen one" wrt SPCS EVDO? Don't know for sure, but why would this unknown SPCS tech choose to enable his phone for EVDO access? Just liked his looks?

    Anyway, "competitive with VZW" sounds like price increase is coming. I had hoped thy would put pressure on VZW to drop data prices. We'll see.

    Surely they are not dumb enough to try to make people buy newer EVDO capable phones! You're right, there will be rioting in front of SPCS stores should this come to pass.

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    it could be it was accidental or he was in a evdo test market and wasn't suppose to notify the customer about it .. that's all i can think of until further review... but good news nonetheless... with the exception that if its true they have plans to not enable these phones to evdo once it gets rolled out, you can bet there will be some hack or flag that will allow us to do it. the hardware is there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nextgadget
    Maybe I'm a lunatic but I used to be able to dial out with one-hand on the Treo 600 and even surf the web while driving *safely* . Beyond driving I have just found it a real hassle to use the phone features of the SX66. I always find myself taking out the stylus in order to make a call. Voice dailing is an option, that I haven't tried. I have so many contacts with similiar names I'm not sure how well voice dailing works in these situations...
    I've always had a PPC, but my last phone was the I-330. It was a lot better as a phone, not so great as a PDA, plus a small screen, but I do miss TealPhone. Scroll through all my contacts and dial out from a press of the hard button. My big thumb always had problems with the small touch pad, with the PPC6600, so much better to dial out. I don't think either of the 2 big Pims (AF and PI) can do what TealPhone did on button dial out, but the default Contacts can.
    One handed I hit the Contact button, scroll da names with D-pad, if a Contact has more then one number in it, left or right on the D-pad to others.
    Then double tap Green Phone Button and it dials out that number. Also, if like me if your contacts have emails, click on center D-pad button, it opens another window, then click it again (on the email address) and it will open Outlook with name already in field.
    I just started playing round with MS Voice Command, it does handle some pretty tough names.
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