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    Only thing I haven't liked about my new PPC6000 is the calculator provided. Especially missed the ability to do units of measure conversions as on the T600.
    Thought I'd give back a little to the board with a calculator I found and have on the free trial currently...looks really good so far. Called My Converter Pro for Pocket PC by Softatics Corp.
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    I found this one last week myself and have loved it. I was going to put on my Software List thread.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a full function calculator and / or converter!!!!
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    I use PowerOne Personal; a great sci/bus/date calc. There's also PowerOne Real Estate; cool specialty for qualifying customers, mortgage calculation, finance, etc.

    I also tried "My Conveter Pro." This one is a combo sci/bus calc and a poerful unit converter.

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