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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodolfo
    This has turned out to be a pretty funny thread. And to think this "problem" may soon be "validated" on three boards. If Audiovox acknowledges this, I'm gonna write a novel about how they fixed it later rather than sooner.
    Rodolfo, I have no idea what the hell you meant by "If Audiovox acknowledges this, I'm gonna write a novel about how they fixed it later rather than sooner. " I might be wrong, but it sure seems like you're being a real jerk.

    Stupid questions aren't stupid to people asking them. I might be a newbie to this board and this device, and have never used a palm or treo, but the condecending tone of that remark was just plain un-called for. Throwing insults and flaming usually backfires. I'd much prefer to let it drop and not go there...

    I choose to post on this forum because people like Hobbes, sledgie, rduckwor and TonyH are genearally very helpful and treat others (and especially new guys like me) with a little more respect than some of the other forums I've visited. I hope to hell it stays that way.

    This backlight thing has been driving me nuts with my first two phones, and I thought I was doing something wrong. I'm already using it a lot. The third one only malfunctions occasionally. But I can't find any real pattern to it. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one it's happening to.

    I'm not having some of the other problems other people talk about, but I'm not using it as a phone very often. I burn 3,000+ minutes a month on the cell-phone, destroy several of them a year, and always keep a back-up handy. The XV6600 is primarily an internet device for me. That it can also be my back-up phone is just a plus.

    In a few months this thing wouldn't last 3 days on my belt in my work environment. I made a bracket to mount it on my dashboard close to the steering wheel where I can use the stylis to type in web addresses. It allows me to check email between jobs, look-up addresses on Mapquest and phone numbers on Qwest Dex and Superpages. Soon, GPS. If I don't get it set-up now, in another month I won't have time to deal with it. I'm not in my busy season yet, but it's already worth it's many faults.

    In spite of the fact that I find the on-screen keyboard relatively easy to use with a stylis, and the slide-out keyboard an annoyance, and have disabled the Today screen and every one of the 9 buttons because bumping it in it's pouch on my belt creates a useless files and changes settings, I'm not sorry I got it. (Hopefully I'll find the right case for it, but I can't imagine an aluminum case wouldn't affect it's internal antenna.)

    The Bluetooth keyboard made it a lot easier to respond to on-line work orders and email messages as soon as I received them. But it didn't work reliably with the second phone, and I haven't even tried to install it (or even loud ringtones) on the third one yet because of the many hard resets on the first two.

    I haven't sent the first phone back yet because I hoped Audiovox would have fixed the backlight problem in the recent upgrade - and I may try installing it to find out...

    If I can get WModem set-up, I also plan to use it to replace a $70 a month cable modem on my desktop, and give my laptop internet access when I go out of town a half-dozen times a year.

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    Rick, WModem is easy to setup. I used it often with my PPC6601. I attached a link to a post I wrote at that clarifies the intructions on the installation CD

    Setting up USB WModem on CDMA PPC Phones

    With my SX66 I don't use wmodem, but rather BT DUN (Dialup Networking), which works well with your XV6600 if your laptop/PC has a USB bluetooth dongle. Discoveryis a snap, and setup is straight forward.
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    I have a treo 650 and it does the same thing. other treo's are doing this as well according to the forums I have read. it's probably a safety feature to keep it from overheating. I think it's really annoying.
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