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    Quote Originally Posted by limesparks
    The slider is MUCH tighter than my last one was on day one, which will hopefully stay that way, my 6601 was loose, not TOO loose like frh had posted, but a little on the flimsy side. This one is rock solid.
    My third XV6600 is still kind of loose compared to the "rock solid" first one. I suppose that's one of the reasons why I never sent the first one back. I never use the slide-out keyboard. I would like the thing to be so tight that you can't get it open one handed. I have not bought a case for it yet because I have been afraid it would make it more loose. Has anyone disassembled it and figured out a way to adjust this?

    Another reason I did not send the first one back is I thought the backlight problem was somehow operating system related. The 4.21.1088 upgrade seems to have completely cured it.
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    is this thread dead now? im about to recieve mine, a little late yes i know.
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    Pretty much. You will also want to check out my full review and the comments with it on the 660x series:

    Using 6601 On the Road for Week.....
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