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    I only ask that in this forum since it's probably the closest competitor to the 650 and maybe some of you have tried it out.
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    it has its fans. look in the other pda section on this site.
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    Search for Hobbes. He just got the camera version...6600. He has given a pretty in-depth review and posts on other forums as well.
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    What’s your use???
    Are you more phone'ish, and want looks that are more like a phone, basic calendar, phone book and todo's, sleek quick reliable, cheap programs and apps $7 to $29 - Treo
    Or are you more PDA'ish want looks like a PDA, for Telenet, FTP, larger screen for reading, like Windows then programs and apps $17 - $59 – PPC may be for you.

    If you plan to spend most of you time on the web and need speed and need it now!!! - PPC with Verizion the way to go because the have the EVDO - right now- (in many cities) four times faster than others out today’s. Sprint will release its version later this year.

    If you're tough on your phones than the Treo may be for you there are reports of breakage on the PPCs with minor drops. Less glass with the Treo could play into your choice.

    You will read the same complaints about both products, Wifi, resets, BT, Keyboard, Displays, buttons, slow response, Beeps and cutoffs it goes on and on. IMO if you leave either of the devices if left "virgin" will work fine, its all about the applications you load.

    Another consideration is that the PPC has more built in applications out of the box with the Treo you may need to add a few apps to get to where you want vs the PPC options.

    Word is that several more new versions on the PPC will be released this year. Larger variety from flips up/down to flips sideways no keyboard smaller and larger so you may want to wait it out and see if those appeal to you.

    IMO they are all trying to achieve the balance of the Treo’s size power and features.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either. Both are fun and have plenty of support on the web. Of course since you are here you know that the TC support is the best even draws PPC'ers
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    to be honest i can't really pinpoint which would best suit my needs because the reason I like PDA phones is because they are geeky not because I necessarily 'need' them. i have had a T600 for a year and just need a new phone so I'm I just can't make up my mind whether to play in the PPC field next or stick go with the T650. I love the T600 but always want something 'new' to play and PPC peaks my interest because it's different and I've never played with it before. BUT I don't want to sacrifice quality over my playfullness and if PPC sux or if the 6600/6601 is not a quality phone in itself then it doesn't matter, I wouldn't pick it no matter what.

    The main thing that's stopping me from getting it really is the same thing that I really like about it... the sliding keyboard. I like the feature but I'm afraid it would get annoying at the same time because I do make and receive a LOT of phone calls during the day.
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    Take a look at these two reviews I posted of both the 6601 and the 6600. I am a Treo 600 lover for over 10 months before I upgraded, so I understand the point you are at. g.711 is right. Both phones have pros and cons depending on your needs. I does appear that the 6600 has resolved many of the software and BT issue of the 6601.

    For what it is worth:

    Using 6601 On the Road for Week.....

    Review of the PPC-6600

    I hope this helps.

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