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    I keep hearing rumors that the HTC Harrier family (PPC660x, Siemens SX-66, PDA2K, etc.) have to be repaired in India or Dubai or some such place. is that true for all of them? Sounds like at least 6 weeks turnaround time. I can't live without my phone that long...
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    Warranty work on the iMate family of devices was being done in Dubai or India. As for US devices (VZW, SPCS, Cingular) doubtful that they get worked on from the end user standpoint. They go back to the providing carrier and then you get a new or refurb device. Don't know where the carriers have their work done.

    There have been a couple of aftermarket places listed on the boards as doing some repair work at customer expense.

    Bob Duckworth

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