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    i'm with Morbyd here. for me the clincher is the wifi. i spend 75% of life in wireless networks-- at home, at school, in classrooms, sitting outside on campus and i don't want to lug my laptop all over. so when i first read about the 650 back in early fall, i couldn't wait for its release. at the time, there was a lot of speculation that it would have wifi. not so, as we all found out. huge disappointment because the 650 is a great size, has a great screen, has a keyboard...etc, etc.

    what annoys me is that there is every indication that the 650 COULD be wifi enabled--if only palm would release the need drivers for their wifi SD card (see the thread: T5 Wifi Drivers, will they work on the Treo 650?). Too bad shadowmite has given up on writing a usable hack.

    the 910 has the same issue. seems like a great device, but again, no wifi. i think i'll wait til the reviews of the hp w6500 roll in.

    morbyd, have you thought about the mda III?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    You have to realize that the Treo users that frequent these boards are but a TINY fraction of Treo users overall. And, by definition, we are "enthusiasts", which means we will be installing more crap software and utilities and pushing the Treo to the edge than anyone else. These boards are also a MAGNET for people having problems with their Treos because the boards are an EXCELLENT source of support. So, you cannot take the experience from reading these boards and extrapolate it to the rest of the Treo population out there. For every Treo reported having problems here, there are probably 100 others working just fine. Just compare the number of users posting in these forums vs. the number of Treos sold, and you'll get the picture...

    I disagree...that's usually sound logic being that messageboard are usually the best support medium, but in this case I think its wrong. There are SERIOUS issues with the T650, if people had a problem and had to return the their units, that's acceptable, all devices are prone to failures, but to be on a 4 device in 1 month? that's not, and it's not 1 person that are on multiple devices within a few months, ITS MANY! so failures happen just not at the rate they are going now...
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    I am not a "power user". I just purchased my first treo last Monday. Replaced it Tuesday with another because I could not place, answer, or receive calls due to the reset issue. I had not installed a single application, synched with my pc, or used the email function. The unit that it was replaced with was faulty. It goes into sleep mode and will not wake up. The phone light will even continue to blink green but will not receive incoming calls. I am now awaiting my third treo and seriously considering returning it to Cingular before my refund period expires. I really love the concept of this product and would love to have a reliable device that would do everything that the treo claims to do. I am concerned about trying to depend on this device as a tool for my business. I am having a hard time believing that only 1 out of every 100 sold is faulty.
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    These types of threads are what I come to TC to read. I want to hear both sides of the issue so I can make the best, informed decision for me. So lets keep it up.

    I don't have the T650 (now dont start getting mad). My friend does and I read alot of info about it here at TC to help him out. He is not a 'power user'. He has not installed any 3rd party apps (I keep telling him to put Chatter in - he wants real-time email). He has had virtually no problems and no resets.

    The point to be made is twofold: if you use it out of the box, you will probably have pretty good success and it can do a lot for you (besides the fact you are only carrying one device). The other side of the coin is this: for $600 bucks, I want my software to work and I dont want to have to return it. I think its valid to argue that there should be drivers for the wifi card if people want to use them. I think the memory issue is also a valid one. I know there is a trade off with non-volatile memory but 23 megs just doesnt cut it. There is a ton of software out there for palm. Everyone wants to take advantage of it (and that is a draw to some people to move away from proprietary systems).

    Finally, as far as built in wifi: do I want it? Yes but at the same time, when you're running a radio, bluetooth, IR and wifi, how long will the battery last? I dont want to have to charge it more than once a day.

    To each his own. Its been said before: there are no perfect phones. Find the one that works for you (and then live with it -or ebay it :-)
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    I've looked at PPC phones many times over the past few months, despite the fact that I love my 650. The biggest problem I've had with the Treo is the DatebookDB getting corrupted (when i used Datebk5). This is frustrating to try to fix, and on two occassions, I decided that I should not have to put up with it. After I completed my phone search, I came back to the 650, since there's nothing else out there quite like it. Symbian isn't even an option for my needs.
    I believe a viable option will appear this year (the PPC-6600 is ALMOST a viable option for me NOW), and then we'll see what P1 has to offer.
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    I am also waiting on the PPC 6600. I also have heard there is an Audiovox fix coming out as well. My use is more of a 'pda first, phone second' so I think it will better suit my needs. For my friend, he needs the phone first and the pim features second (its close though because he needs a lot of email support.) We will see what happens.
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    After reading numerous threads myself on this board about the 600 and the 650 I have come to one conclusion, it’s all a give and take. With any type of high tech hybrid piece of equipment you are bound to have problems. It’s inherent. And just like several of the posts I’ve read, you can’t expect to run a thoroughbred at a 100 percent all the time and not expect it to collapse. I think everyone here has a different opinion on what the perfect “smart phone” should be. Even if that phone is ever made, I still don’t think we would be satisfied.
    This board is here for everyone to express their opinion. Whether we like it or not, we should try to respect that opinion. I honestly think you should try the treo. Use all the info you have gathered from this site to your advantage. See where others have gone “wrong” and try something different. Hopefully you will find the phone you’re looking for. Whether that’s the treo or some other device, the most important thing is that you’re happy with it and it works for you.
    Good luck to you.
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    my treo works great. my only problems were traced to bad apps.
    Memory issue gone just move everything to SD card.

    plus no other phone has a great forum like TC
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