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    I notice that when I install new apps/games to my ppc, it also installs to my desktop, taking up much needed space. Is it okay to uninstall the various programs from the desktop, would it effect the software on the device?

    Most ppc programs do this...

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    You can delete them, unless it is absolutely needed. Can't think of one off the top of my head, but most are just install packages. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    You usually can get away with just the .CAB files. Like Insertion mentioned, the rest is an installer. That is unless the program has a conduit or some desktop component like AvantGo, eWallet, Listpro, CashOrganizer, etc.
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    I share SWAP's concern as I am a new PPC OS user, and find it quite confusing. But I agree that unless the program requires some desktop operation it only puts the installer portion of the program.

    Activesync takes some getting used to, and so does pocket outlook if you use multiple POP3 accounts. Pocket Outlook keeps separate folders for each account. You will also have have multiple folders for the same account if you use more than one program to access it, like Messaging, pocket Outlook, and Sprint BC.

    I think Palm OS is a lot simpler to operate, but hey, I'm not married to either OS.

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