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    The combination between: PM-325 BLUETOOTH PHONE + DELL X50V
    OR: PPC-6600 + HEADSET

    I cannot go with the single device of 6600 because I thinks its a bit on the big side to talk comfortable for long amount of time. I either need a smaller communication device like a head set or a small bluetooth phone like the PM-325.
    Either way I am stuck with 2 devices.

    I had a 650 for 2 weeks but decided to return it.
    I want to go with the Microsoft OS regardless, palm just is so limited for me.
    I mean speadsheets and such documents, and browsing the web comfortable are just way to hard to work on with the small screen of the 650, and no multitasking was killing me. Plus the multimedia/gaming side seems to be superior on the ppc platform. Especially game emulation.

    On one hand if I go with the dell combo I get the outstanding features of the x50v. 480X660 resoultion, 624mhz processor, black and nice looking.

    On the other. I can settle for the 6600 (320x240, 400mhz) and go with a headset. 480x660 resoultion a HUGE difference when compared to 320x240.

    I heard that the when using the PM-325 as a bluetooth modem it is slow.
    And how big is the x50v? Is it small?
    Does anyone have this phone and a ppc confirm this?

    I would apreciate any suggestions thanks.

    "The perfect device for me is treo size phone, no keyboard, 3.5 screen, and ppc OS." I love the imate Jam but its too much trouble to get the phone and go to t-mobile. I only wish the Jam was CDMA.
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