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    Despite the HORRIBLE name the phone looked fairly awesome. Anyone have any info. I'm dying for more Palm phone choices. Picking are slim.
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    Found some info. Looks like SDIO support out of the box for wifi.

    Which leads me to this question: how well would a 900/1800/1900 phone work on Cingular? Is there a site that will show me what 1900 towers are available in my area.
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    This phone was supposed to be released last Nov 2004. Hopefully it will officially launch soon....
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    The qool 700 is for sale in Germany without contract...
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    I'm waiting to hear more on this also, so if anyone actually gets ahold of one, be sure and tell us.
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    Just thought I'd let people know: There's Five of these on eBay right now. Supposedly works with T-Mobil and Cingular. For $300 I'm tempted. If anyone gets one please report back.

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