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    OK i decided to start this thread based on the fact that I thought it might be useful to have a forum to discuss the competing wireless techologies. I put together this list, paraphrased from another forum clarifying speeds and technology info.

    Hope this helps someone, helped me alot to understand all of the acronyms getting tossed around:

    1xRTT or single carrier (1x) radio transmission technology, 1xRTT is also referred to as CDMA2000 1x, is a 3G technologie based upon CDMA with speed upto 144 Kbs (like ISDN)

    cdma2000 1xEV, the next step, will allow for up to 2.4 Mbps data transfer rates (1xEV-DO, data only) and 4.8 Mbps in phase 2 (1xEV-DV, data and voice).

    If you compare with GSM technologies, you've got
    GPRS: up to 180 kbs
    EDGE: up to 235 kbs
    WCDMA: up to 10.8 Mbps
    HSDPA: up to 25 Mbps

    WCDMA release c is 10.8Mbps (not yet commercialized)

    In general, WCDMA is slower than EV-DO [ed: currently?].

    There are reports that HSDPA can be used in CDMA.

    MC-CDMA and MC-DS CDMA are other types of CDMA, which promise 100Mbps speed. This is beyond 3G, and this will be adapted in Korea by 2005(nationwide broadband is being constructed). Within the MC-CDMA network, there will be segments with OFDM which gives 10Mbps~400Mbps (serviced only in metropolitan cities). This is notable because right now most of the 3G users in the world are CDMA users (90% of 3G users use cdma 1x 2000 service).

    By 2005, WCDMA users will exceed CDMA 1x 2000 users (2.75 or 3G).

    By 2006, it is projected that the WCDMA market will eventually grow larger than the CDMA market in 3G (WCDMA release c will promise better data transfer rate than any CDMA 3G service) But by that time, it is projected that the CDMA market will enter into 4G.

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