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    Quote Originally Posted by limesparks
    The Verizon XV6600 has no camera and no wi-fi with no announcement of including either, data is around $45.00/mo. unlimited. Word has it that Verizon's 3G service is faster than Sprint's 3G but is not as widespread yet.

    The Cingular SX66 has a camera and wi-fi but a slower data network.

    The Sprint PPC6601 has no camera and no wi-fi but has a camera version (PPC6600) due out at the end of February and has a fast widespread data network that is $15.00/mo unlimited.
    Verizon's should be faster than Sprints. The VZW version has EV-DO which is apx 450-500MBPS. (VZW calls it "broadband"). Cingular's is 1xRTT (about 144MPPS). When Sprint gets EV-DO they should be comperable.

    I don't know what Cingular uses. I would guess GPRS which is slower than 1xRTT.
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    Just an update .... (I found this thread again) ...
    I ended up getting the Treo 650 with Sprint service. (I ended my Verizon account.)

    I couldn't be happier. The 1xRTT 3G Sprint service is plenty fast for e-mail, which was my primary motivation.

    BTW: Are there any video players for the PalmOS?
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    The 650 does have a built in video player. Other than that, there are two options: MMPlayer and Kinoma.
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