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    There is a GREAT thread over at PDAphoneHome by paulc91316, that I wanted to share here to help out us PPC-660x phone owners
    ( ):

    PPC6601 Programming Codes
    Okay I found these codes so far. Let's try and find how to get to the rest of them....

    ##(MSL)# Programs and Views Phone#/MSID
    MSL = Master Lock Code (this is the 6 digit code given to you activated

    ##775# [PRL] Updates PRL from file?? Anyone have a newer PRL?

    ##786# [RTN] Phone Usage & Modem Master Reset

    ##3282# [DATA] Data Provisioning (3 sub-tabs)

    ##33284# [DEBUG] Field Trial Monitor, Signal Information, Network Monitor, etc.

    ##778# [PST] Advanced programming menu - BE VERY Careful HERE!!!

    paulc91316 has attached this image:

    Here's the Debug Screen

    paulc91316 has attached this image:

    Here's the ##DATA# screen

    paulc91316 has attached this image:
    Here are some good follow up posts:

    Nice...definately plan to make use of the Field Test menu to test some signal strength theories in my area. Thanks for the info...already .PDF'd the page.

    For you 6600 (Verizon) users, the codes work. Leave off the last pound symbol after the number/code and tap the talk button.
    Not sure if I have typo and it was ##786# or what

    But Tier 2 tech support had me do a "Hard Reset" with this code.


    Which ever it was, it wiped the phone to factory.

    Also on the data screen shot above:

    This is what they set them to to manually provision Vision.

    HASS: secret
    AAASS: [vision password set on web page]

    Yes, HASS is "secret".

    I think when you dial #777 it uses this info to connect and not any password or user name you put into the connection profile.
    Where does one get the 6 digit MSL code?
    ANSWER: Also referred to as your unlock code...try 000000 (6 zeros). 000000 is only the MSL for Verizon, sprint actually uses a different one for each device. Since I had to manually program mine, sprint told me & I wrote it down
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    Hobbes... what do these do exactly? And why would one use them?
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    Some of these you everyone could use, such as the Phone Usage to see how many minutes you have used (and possibly how much data has been transfer). Or the Field Trial Monitor, Signal Information, Network Monitor, one could help narrow down connectivity issues. Update your PRL if you downloaded it instead of calling #2 (this is the file that tells the phone the best way to and where to connect to the network and is especially useful to keep updated if you roam at all).

    Others are for advanced users.....and the the rest I don't have a clue, but I thought it would make me look smart by posting them.

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