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Hobbes, I think I should boycott your posts because they induce too much anxiety in me

Btw, see my post about Sprint Vision. I gotta clear this with Sprint, or jump ship again

Sprint PCS Vision Pro & PPC Penalty
So...you gonna start updating every 4 months now????

I've talked about this quite a bit as it has come up deep in other threads here and on the other boards...(btw, I will copy and paste my answer here over at PDAphoneHome )....I only pay $15 a month, and I have the PPC-660x. Basically there is the official answer that it should be $30 a month because they claim that PPC users use a lot more data, which may or may not be true. But the unofficial answer is that a Sprint rep can do anything he/she wants to.

So the key is to know the official answer, know what you would like to do instead, and then find a rep who is willing to do it for you. So with this in mind, this is what I have done several times to the past to get what I want from Sprint...Call telesales or customer service and ask for what I want. If the rep is a totally by the book type, I "accidentally" get disconnected and call back. I then get a different a rep and go through it again. If they help me, great! If not, call back again. If your request is reasonable or you feel that you really are right or a victim in a situation, this should always work for you.....eventually at least.