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    I'm not utilizing my SD card to clear up space on my device. I know with a Palm device, you could put some prog (games) and databases on their, but to launch them off the main menu a 3rd party app needed to be installed.

    So with a ppc, how does it work? What progs can be safely launched from a card, and will those programs be instantly accesable or must you look for the SD card on the device, then launch from there?

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    i've got a few programs running off the sd card. #1 is morphgear emulator, runs very well, i dont notice any lag. #2 is vncview - i put this on my sd card so that its not out in he open under "programs", mainly because i have my ip stored. as for running off the card, it depends. if you install it from your pc it will say something to the effect, "install in default directory?" you can change this of course, but the program wont work when sd card isnt in slot. for other programs (like vnc) i manually enter file exploror and click on vncview. basically some programs will make a "shortcut" under programs, others if you install them yourself won't and you will have to manually switch. as far as lag or speeds, i haven't noticed any (i use PQI 1 gb)
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    Nearly all programs can be run from the SD card. The ones you want to avoid putting on the card are those that need to be available during start up (after a reset) since the SD card may not be available during the boot up process in time to load some programs/drivers. Examples might include: Wi-fi drivers, Today screen plug-ins, alarm programs.

    Other than that, pretty well every other application can be installed directly on the SD card. This installation location choice is made available to you during program installation when the following dialog pops up on your PC's screen: "Do you want to install this program in the default directory?" Select "No" and then choose the location you want the program installed in the next dialog.
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    And basically you can use explorer to drag already installed programs to the SD card? Or should I re-install? (in case a program has several files associated with it...)?

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    You want to install them again to make sure all registry entries are correct.....but to avoid a rare and few problems I had doing this (i.e. looking for the program in both locations), I would recommend uninstalling it first and then reinstalling it again. When it asks you if you want to install it into the default location, say NO and select the storage card.

    The cool thing with MS Mobile vs Palm is that generally speaking you can install just about any program on the SD card. In addition the ones Kupe reccommended not to install on the SD programs would be ones you would want to use while using a WiFi card, since you have to remove the SD card to use it.

    Other than a general rule all my games and programs goes onto my SD card. I have the ScanDisk Utra II 1 Gig card and have noticed very little if any lag in launching programs from it.

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