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    Ok, ok, I turn 30 on Sunday, Jan. 23rd, (Go EAGLES!!), anyway, and I have $500 to purchase either a Treo 650 GSM, or Moto MPx220 form Cingular. Tell me, if you were me, which one you would choose and why. This isn't intended to be a clash between OS platforms. I just wanna know plain and simple, which one and why, so any bashers either way just move on to another thread. I will tell you what I like and what I need.

    1) I like and need a perfect mix between Phone/PDA, as it will be used as much for both.

    2) Of course I need access to the REAL INTERNET

    3) In the car, I need to be able to get to what I use often with one hand without looking thru every screen option.

    4) I need compatibilty to an excellent mapping program or web site. (door to door directions, not the general vicinity)

    5) I need to be able to download docs in .rtf or Word format without jarbling up the text. (factory installed or aftermarket program, doesn't matter)

    6) I need an easy device to navigate and comprehend period!!

    Go ahead and give it to me.....Now please understand, I don't want any bashing please. I just want other people's take of what they would do if they had my needs and $500 to spend. Thanks
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    treo 650! keyboard baby, keyboard. especially if editing docs, etc. mapquest and yahoo! directions always came in handy for me on the 600
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    Try this link

    same topic. same answers
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    Thanks. Hey sledgie!! Maybe I'll see you in the superbowl. I am so excited. I have 2, maybe 3 things to celebrate these next few days. The Treo 650 GSM is finally gonna be available, my 30th birthday is Sunday and the Eagles will finally get to the Superbowl after 4 straight NFC championship game losses. (Go Birds!!) Yeah, I gotta bit of a different use than the techies for the 650 for fun. checking scores,, and taking pics of things i probably shouldn't be.
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    that would be nice. an all-pennsylvania super bowl. but we have to beat the patriots sunday and you have to beat the falcons. good luck!
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    yeah I think my mind is finallt made up. Treo 650! I like the convenience of having the Qwerty/ possibilty of a fully functional Wi-Fi (in the works)/ Stylis-touch screen/larger screen there if I want it & still at a manageable overall size that would suit me for now. Those 4 things were the icing on the cake. But if the Treo 700 does in fact come along with PPC, I am sure to pick one up. I honestly think that MS (being such a powerhouse!!) is gonna take over the market eventually (at least with OS). Just gotta live with what is available, and right now the 2 OS are running neck & neck, but I gotta go with the aesthetics & conveniences on this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryP2375
    possibilty of a fully functional Wi-Fi (in the works)/
    Don't place a bet in Vegas on this one. We are still waiting for the Wifi drivers for the 600 that they promised 18 months ago. a follow up a couple days after you get to let us know what you is always fun getting a new toy...ah..I mean a convergence device that will increase personally productivity, help you meet the demands of your job, that will actually save you money by not having to buy accessories for 3 different units....device.
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    Forget the MPX220. It has no keyboard and no touch screen for graffiti capability. T9 input is going to send you screeming for sanctuary. To me this is a non starter in a Palm or PPC phone.

    AT&T is trying to unload the MPX220 for $99 with a 2yr plan. They are (the X220) lousy sellers with lots of complaints.
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    The need for one handed navigation and typing will make you very happy with the 650.
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    Go with the 650.
    Sprint PCS Treo 600 & 650
    Verizon Treo 700w
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    Hobbes, definitely no bets placed on internal wi-fi, just wishful thinking as it sits on the fence swaying back & forth, just going by what shadowmite was able to accomplish. However, I am really shocked to see Cingular's estimated pricing for the GSM, as this is not technically a new device, just new to them. You'd think that with Sprint already having it, albeit CDMA, that Cingular would offer it up with some incentive/price gap for people that are waiting to see what they will charge to sway their decision for which carrier they will go with. Of course, they may be taking the approach that those crazed people that cannot wait, will pony up the cash just to have it asap. I am not that kinda person. Cheap/No, frugal/Yes. I may be waiting for the mad rush to die off before I make my purchase.
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    I agree, bad marketing move IMHO. I have always beleived (and has proven true with product lines I have personally worked with) that taking a loss on the single sale will generate more revenue with the increased volume....let alone in this case increased service plans where the real money is.
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    Treo 650 it is....Just may have to wait a while longer to free up the cash.

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