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    So, my T270 has failed in just about every way possible and I'm looking for a decent replacement for it. Spending $500 on a new phone is absolutely out of the question (and after my 270 experience I'm not thrilled about giving more money to palm anyhow). I really don't use all the features of my 270, so I'm wondering what smartphones are out there in the "not quite treo-killer" catagory that might be in my price range. My only requirments are:

    must sync with my computer
    must have address/calender functions
    must be able to import the data from my T270
    Palm OS is nice but I'm willing to consider other OS's

    As you can see, I don't ask much. Obviously more is better (the T650 would be my dream phone, but I don't consider it to be a realistic option).

    Any suggestions?
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    You could probably pick up a used treo 600 on ebay for $250? Or if you wanted to spend could probably spend $100 and get the T300.

    Depends on what carrier you're with now. Good luck.
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    My vote would be for a used Treo 600 as well. Just get the insurance with whatever carrier you go with as most of us have had to use it several times with the 600....but that phone was well worth it.

    You could also looke at some of the "Smartphones". Most of them run the MS Smartphone OS. They are not as full featured as the Mobile 2003 2nd ed Phone Edition OS, but have all the important stuff like syncing with Outlook included. They are also a lot cheaper. Sorry, I don't have any models to rattle off, but a quick search shouldn't take long.

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