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    ok, its not palm, but doesnt look too bad, does it:
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    ok, its not palm, but doesnt look too bad, does it:

    If it doesn't have a built-in keyboard, then I don't think it should be considered a treo alternative.
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    No keyboard, no one-hand operation, no thank you.

    Why it is so hard for them to understand: for an always-available device, stylus-free is a must. Some put a keyboard on, but still not realize a keyboard is not just for text input. It is an interface, the stylus becomes only an option. Handsprint knew it years ago and made huge money from this simple fact.
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    If it's not a palm, it isn't a treo, and it should be in this forum, not the original.
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    Alternative to the 650? I don't see it. No qwerty keypad, tiny screen, and I bet NO touch screen. It's a different class of device altogether.
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    I agree....nice looking...interesting design...but gotta have that keyboard to make it in our class of phone, IMHO.

    BTW it does have a stylus and is MS 2003 Mobile Phone Edition, so it is a touchscreen.
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    I have seen and tested a local version of this phone here in Hong Kong at a show and its very nice. I would buy it in a heartbeat but the only reason I want a Treo is because it supports one handed operation.

    Is the Asus out in BKK yet? If so how much is it?


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