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    I had a Motorola T720 dinosaur and was very unhappy with the product but since the intro of the MPx200 a year or so ago my interests have been sparked. Anyway I never got around to giving the 200 a good look and now I wanna get a few reviews from MPx220 purchasers that have not returned the phone. Anyone that has the MPx220 can u give me a quick review and answer a few questions below?

    1) Has setting alerts on the calendar worked correctly? Gone off on the correct day and time, etc.?

    2) How are all the volumes (ringer, handset, earpiece)??

    3) Do you have any problems getting the charger to seat properly without fumbling around with it?

    These were major issues I had with the T720, and before I go out and pick up a MPx220 I wanna know if these are issues with this as well. Thanks for any feedback!
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    Just bought an unlocked Cingular version last week. I only used it a few times to make stardand calls and the only concerns I have so far are the long wait on unit start up time and the low volume on the earpiece. Apparently, there is a firmware upgrade that will fix both of them or one can manually change the registry to increase the volume. I am waiting for Motorola to release a self-user patchable firmware. Overall, its a good Smartphone and it looks great beside my Treo600.
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    Here's a review:

    You may want to check out some of the threads at
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    If you have a long wait on start up and low ring volume you got the old firmware version on the phone. You need to get the one with the orange sticker on the box. That is the one with the updated version. I just bought the phone a few weeks ago (Best Buy $199 with 2 yr contract with Cingular). Great phone for what it does. The only thing I don't like about the phone is the lack of a keyboard and lack of touch screen. I'm just too used to using a PDA so I always seem to be reaching for the screen (force of habit). But other than that, it is a great phone. Oh yeah, the camera, for being 1.3MP is CRAP! But, I read somewhere that they are releasing a new software to fix this and one other known issue (I forget right now). So, if you like the form factor of the phone, don't care about key board or camera, and don't mind the smaller screen (I guess that goes with the form factor)....then this is a great phone to get. And you can't beat the price for what the phone does. I gave the phone to my sister because I need the keyboard and I really like a larger screen for web sites. The camera is an issue for me also. I don't need to have a 5MP camera for wedding photos, but I would like to be able to use the camera for various things. I was in a car accident late last year, and I used the camera (on a Treo600) to take a photo of the accident and the plates on the other car...long story but it came in very useful for her insurance to pay me for repairs. While the Treo600 has a sh*t camera, the MPx220 is worse (and I thought the T600 had a useless camera).

    Anyway, keep those issues in mind, other wise Outlook syncs well (like any PPC phone), if you get an e-mail with a phone number in it you can just select that number and the phone will dial it or you can save to your contacts. You can listen to music, videos, whatever. It also has full web so you do not need to just visit WAP sites, but here is where the screen is a is just too small for it to be useful IMO. But in a pinch, it would do. I think you need to look at how you will use the phone and what features are going to be issues for you.

    Cingular has MediaWorks for $19.99 and you can get a great leather case from Best Buy for $14.99 (fit is like a glove) but the case has a built quality issue...check the plastic belt clip part, it is cracked and split in many of the boxes...but Best Buy will return and get you a new one if you have that problem (they did for me).

    hope that helps.
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    Indeed, if the MPX220 had a touch screen with graffiti input It would have been my choice of phones for 2005. I've had the folding form phones for years, and I love it. I'm still trying to get used to the T650 soap bar feel.
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    I switched from a T600 to an MPx220 two weeks ago. I have made some comments regarding that in another thread here:

    I have been using the internet frequently, mostly just to check email and its suits my needs. If I need to do a lot of surfing I'll do it on my computer. I also have a few apps on it that I like, you'll find those at the end of the thread listed above. All in all I am happy with the switch.
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    Thanks everyone, I truly think that what I want is not available, as of yet. I truly believe if the rumors are true about a Treo 700 with PPC becomes available, that will suit me just perfect. It will have everything that I want and need. However until then the search still continues.

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