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    Hi there, hope you can help me out a bit here. I dunno what to buy!

    Ive had Palm Pilots, Palm Tungsten (currently) but also Nokia "standardphones", Nokia "smartphones" with Symbian series 60 and Nokia Communicators thru the years.

    I find that a phone and a PDA dont work for me. It seems that i always leave the PDA behind in the summer, thus ending up needing it of course! So, last phone i got was the Nokia Communicator. While serving my purpose of being two-in-one, i never had the speed, the flexibility nor the stability of Palm devices. Hence i kept the Tungsten for more serious work.

    However, i have come to a crossroad since my phone died last week. Question now is, with what will i replace it? I had a few looks at the new Nokia 9500, since it sports WiFi, Bluetooth, MP3-player, simple PIM....all things i want in the new one. But, as stated earlier, its not a Palm. Hence its not easy to work with and lacking good software at that. I had a (quick) look at a friends Treo 600, wich he is very happy with. but i understand it lacks the above mentioned items that i really want (except of course the PIM). Is there a way to upgrade Treo 600 with these items, either by hardware or software? I dont want to buy a phone just to find out that it didnt suit me...again.
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    The Treo can be your MP3 player by using PocketTunes (available for free if you register your Treo w/ PalmOne), and WiFi can be had via a sled that's going to be released soon. (Thread here.) As for Bluetooth, the only Blueooth solution you can use with the Treo 600 would be a BT headset with the BT dongle. The 600 does have IR, but that's not nearly as useful. If you need the BT, go w/ the 650, only available on Sprint for now, or wait for the GSM version to be released (date: unknown).
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    Are you a Palm loyalist? If not, and I think you may not be since you used the Nokia, you can also try the Siemens SX66. It has everything you're looking for.
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    Since you use a Tungsten now, I'd say the Treo is probably your best bet for overall functionality. The 650 has Bluetooth, of course, and plays digital music. It doesn't have Wi-Fi, but I'd say that the widespread availablity of the carriers' high-speed networks more than compensates for not having that. The key is, what do you want to do with a handheld? Wi-Fi is really a laptop paradigm - yes, I know the wi-fi lovers in these boards will jump all over that, but truly - a communication device, which is what the Treo is, works just fine with either 1XRTT (CDMA) or GPRS (GSM). Get a treo - you'll love it.

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