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    Gratefully cross posted from pdaphonehome - mjaffee posted this method:

    As you know, the VZW 6600 doesn't natively support the "End Call" radio off feature that the SPCS device does. With VZW you had to tap the antenna icon and select "Flight Mode" to shut the radio down. With this hack, your "end Call" button will now function just like the SPCS device. Press and hold for 2-5 seconds and VOILA!! radio turns off. Press and hold and the radio turns on.

    You need registry editor software - any will do. Be careful and make sure you're comfortable dabbling in the guts of your OS. Here's the procedure:

    >>Get the PHM REGISTRY HACK APP (the FREE version will do:

    - Open that app up and make sure you are at MY DEVICE.
    - Highlight MY DEVICE by tapping it once, than go to bottom screen and click on TOOLS and than FIND. Now type the words below and hit FIND NEXT.

    flightmodeswitchbypnhendkey (you can also just type the first part I'm sure it will find it).

    Now just switch the VALUE DATA from 0 TO 1 and reset your ppc. Now your set and ready to do what you wanted for FREE!

    Good Hacking,

    Bob Duckworth
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