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    Possible slowdown for PPC based devices:

    Originally posted by mswlogo
    You might read this thread on Event notifications.

    This can slow down your unit.

    (Edit: Fixed link)
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    O.K I loaded and ran the check program and found 60 events. I then loaded the clear_check program, did a soft reboot and still had 57 events listed. I went back to the check notification program and selected the 2 check boxes under the options menu and cleared the event notifications again. Wound up with 18 which is probably appropriate.

    I'll monitor this for several days and report back. No problems with either piece of software so far.

    Bob Duckworth
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    This is a piece of software that does exactly what is promises.

    If you've put off getting this and installing it, don't wait any longer. It works.

    Amazing what the OS leaves in the notification files area.

    Bob Duckworth

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