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    I'm thinking about buying a Qool QDA-700 PalmOS phone from a Singaporean seller on Ebay to use with T*Mobile (yes, I know it's 1900-only and might not work outside of Florida, roam, or work properly with e911). Why? There's no way in HELL I'll give up Graffiti (I can do 35-40WPM... years of practice...), and it looks like it's the only modern PalmOS phone that offers it (though I suspect that will change as Chinese phones become more prevalent due to the fact that it's easier to draw a character than to build one keystroke-by-keystroke or choose from a dropdown menu after spelling the word in Pinyin).

    The main concern I have is whether the Chinese-language extensions are likely to cause lots of grief (more than, say, its 240 x 320 resolution). I've gotten the impression that the only difference between PalmOS devices made for the American market and PalmOS devices made for Asian markets is that international/Asian PalmOS supports one or more languages/character input methods IN ADDITION to English... but English and English Graffiti are always available as a default, and any localized language/character option can be easily disabled and won't bother the user again (until the next hard reset, at least).

    Is that the case? Or am I likely to wind up having to spend a weekend learning enough Chinese to navigate through a series of otherwise-indecipherable menus to make English the default?

    For the curious, the company's eBay store is
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    There is a program called Graffiti Anywhere, which I think is free, that several folks are using on TREO 600's and 650's to regain Graffiti. Personally, I like the keyboard and I could never get Graffiti to work for me anyway, but to each his own .

    The Qool looks interesting, but that Chinese thing could be a problem. I would only consider something like that if you could flash the ROM to an English version, and I'll bet that won't be an easy proposition. Also the limitations of a single 1900 MHz band might make you think twice, too. AND, you have to be very careful with overseas eBay sellers offering leading edge stuff not available in the US...just try to hunt them down if something goes wrong.... Just my $0.02...

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