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    Quote Originally Posted by nrosser
    Farzon, you asked:
    Quick question for the anti-touch-the-screen Treo lovers. How do you use your call waiting? How do you hangup your phone call? How do you swap callers when using call waiting?

    Last I checked it was by touching the SCREEN.
    Well, I'm definitely an anti-touch the screen person. I LOATHE to touch my screen. I hate it. I won't do it. I keep it as clean as a clean room. So let's address your question - I do all those things with the 5-way. Call waiting? Scroll over with the 5-way and hit 'answer'. Hangup? Select the 'hangup' button with the 5-way. Swap callers? 5 way, baby. I do it all with the 5 way. As I recall, you were a Treo user - if you didn't use the 5-way for those functions, then you didn't get the full experience.
    Anyway - that's what I do. All with the 5way.

    what you need is a shrink, to explain your phobia to touch 'touch-screen'
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    Like it or not, MS lovers, but the microsoft's interfaces simply can't do anything beyond the most basic tasks without taking out the stylus. Yes, the 5-way on the i-mate helps, but the unbiased reviews I've read admit that integration with the OS and apps is far from complete. And many of the buttons, drop down lists, etc are simply too small to tap accurately with a thumb.

    I'm sure MS will catch up, but right now the treo OS and apps, and most 3rd party apps for the treo, offer far better integration with the 5-way, and much easier "one-handed" use. The only times I take my stylus out are to play Bejeweled or Scrabble. Everything else is done via the keyboard, 5-way, or a tap with my thumb. Oh, try writing an email or journal entry on the i-mate with only one hand. You have very long, very flexible, and very finely pointed fingers if you can do it. It is possible on the Treo, although I admit two hands is easier. But for a quick Yes/No reply to an email or SMS it's quite feasible.
    You can do all these things one handed. Just have to learn how todo it on the new device. If you ever pick one of these up let me know, I would be happy to show you the toolbox of shortcuts that will make you 1-handed-PPC'ing all day.

    Fyi, to send an email without pressing the screen all you have todo it assign a key/button to "Context Menu". Easy as pie.
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