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    Just an example of why it is important to backup before playing with the previous phone was defective...only in the fact that the keyboard lights are connected to the screen light. If the screen comes on, the keybaord lights come one. Only when the screen the light goes off, does my keyboard light go off. This is not a major issue, but could be fatal on a long day on the road when I really need that last hour of battery before getting back to the hotel.

    I was just too lazy to return it this week, So I was playing in the registry to see if I could find a fix. Turning off the Keyboard lights did not work. Putting the keyboard light timer to 1 second did not work. so I started to try some other things....and killed all data entry with the phone, physical keyboard, software keyboard, graffiti, all of it. So I had no way of changing the registry back to enable them all again.

    So I just restored from last nights Sprite .exe backup file and back in business.

    Moral of the story......have fun with the registry and with the hacks in this thread....but be prepared if you screw it up!
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    To get just the disconnect/time online in your bubble, Tweak the following key:

    "Flags2"=dword:00000000 = no button disconect in buble con.
    "Flags2"=dword:00000008 = button disconect on buble con.
    "Flags2"=dword:00000010 = button disconect and time con. on buble conection (hex)

    I did 0x10. (Make sure you set HEX 0x10.. 16 decimal).

    Warm reset.. you're good to go. (This method doesn't suffer from the shutoff/connection drops problem).

    (from )
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    Thanks for the edit's Hobbes. I have done a couple and they worked beautifully (the speed one and the length of video recording.) It's quite simple to change the registry, so if anyone is hesitant, don't be.

    I downloaded PHM RegEdit OTA and installed the cab times ahead!
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    I have a IPAQ HW6515 running WM03 and of course it does not support voice dial through the bluetooth connection. I have MS Voice Command loaded and was going to do the registry hack to basically replace the SSDialer.exe path with the voice command path but in WM03 I guess there was no SSDialer.exe. Anyway, the bluetooth mike works great for normal operations such as re-dial last number. Hang up and all the normal operations. I was wondering if anyone here knew where say the dial last number command would be and maybe I could use that entry to replace with the voice command so when I pressed the button on the bluetooth mike it would start up voice command. Does this make since? Not really sure if I explainded it correctly.

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    can anyone please try to check a hotmail inbox on their ppc6700 and let me know if it works? ive been getting an error for the past week or so and was wondering if its just me or a wider spread program.
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