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    O.K. Guys, The VZN handset arrived while I was gone. All charged overnight and ready to activate. Question: I have the Active Sync backup files from the old SPCS unit. Do you think I'm safe in reloading those files to the VZN handset? I can't imagine that they contain any ROM-based settings such as the SPCS BC or OS versions, but I'm new to the PPC platform and just don't know.

    It's not a terrbile hassle to ditch the older AS version and reinstall the VZN version, but, that means configuring the handset from scratch and I'm a lazy SOB.


    and Happy New Year.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Also, inteesting, it appears that the VZN device allows the user to only turn the radio off via "Flight mode". Others had reported this and I attributed it to inexperience on their part. Seems they are right. The "RED" end call button does not appear to turn off the cell radio on this device.

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    That could probably be fixed by editing the registry....but I don't know where.
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    Interesting. We'll save that for a later date.

    DSL REPORTS thoughput on the 1x net is really slow here at home like 56K. Of well, until EV-DO comes that will have to do.

    Bob Duckworth

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