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    Take a look and this pda/pc

    or how about

    you can read some reviews here link
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    This next 24 months will be pretty exciting with the upsurge in competition to jump onboard the coming of the age of the next true convergence device!
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    It will be interesting to see what form factor will survive clam, exposed keyboard, detachable keyboard or the ppc hide away. And how about the size people tend to think the ppc is a bit too large. But you got to have the large screen size IMO.
    Imagine having a phone which replaces you laptop and desktop. Just plug into you usb and connect the 21in flat screen and 101 keyboard. Work all day, leave the office and BT you alarm system and pre-start you car. While getting on the tollway you WiFi your toll tag all while listening to XM radio over the BT connection to your car stereo.
    All with your Verizon Cell phone/pda

    I guess time will tell.
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    They even now have actual video cards that will give PDA devices close to the video power of many laptops today. Nothing has it in it yet, but are expected to start to show up by the end of next year.

    Start thinking of the possibilities of independent video processors taking the load off the system for other jobs.....think of the video games, interactive movies, presentations, advanced graphical programs for GPS, etc....

    We have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to.

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