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    Hi All. My wife and I are traveling to India and we're looking to purchase an unlocked GSM quadband phone. I'm a CDMA user so I plead ignorance when it comes to GSM (world) phones that can be used here or overseas (in this case, India).

    If some of you folks can recommend some decent phones I'd really appreciate it. I'm not looking for a smartphone, just a regular phone that's small (clamshell or candybar). Unlocked is a must.

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    Don't everybody jump up at once (bump).
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    Cingular has a Motorola V400 that's unlocked and Quad band.
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    Tough call. Cingular is locking their new phones now and I don't know if they will sell you one without a new contract or an existing account. You may want to check Ebay. Also, there are sites that sell unlocked GSM phones but they charge a fortune. I don't know what your budget is.

    If I were you I'd pick up a used Treo 600 for a decent price and then sell it when you return.
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    That is correct about Cingular locking their GSM phones, but it you have been with them for 6 months, they will then give you the unlock code. And if they don't, you can usually find the unlock code on the net somewhere (but you may have to pay for the code).

    But, if I were you, I would just buy a phone when you get to the country that you are going to. I was in Korea in July and the cell phone stores all sell used GSM phone for like $20-$35 dollars, activated and ready to just have to load the phone with minutes that you paid for in advance. They do the same thing in the Middle East, Europe, etc... I believe it would be cheaper for you to just India and then buy the phone and minutes (no contract) and as you are leaving the country, you can always sell the phone to someone at the airport or to someone in the military. Also, you can just rent a phone when you get their, but the cost will be almost the same so better to buy and then resell (since you are a CDMA customer here in the states and will not have much use for a GSM phone upon your return.)
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    I'd second this motion, assuming that this is a one-time trip and you're not planning to travel extensively abroad in the future. You can buy/rent GSM phones locally at reasonable prices, much cheaper than getting a new unlocked phone for several $100's. If you already had a GSM plan in the states with Cingular or T-Mobile, you could also activate world dialing on your plan and just rent the device when you arrive, and plug in your SIM. The calls will be at international rates through your carrier, so it'll cost more for local calls in India than buying/renting a phone and prepaid SIM there, but probably a wash in terms of calls to the US.

    If you are planning to travel abroad quite a bit, then getting a GSM plan and phone locally probably makes sense. I'd check on eXpansys (, or for prices in USD) for a phone that suits your needs. They tend to have the best prices for unlocked phones, but even if you don't buy it from them, they have an extensive list of phone models to browse through, and you can later find a place (online, most likely, or through a US carrier, if you're very, very lucky) to buy the model you pick.
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    Thanks folks for your responses. While I will be traveling there and to other "GSM locations" as well, I think the better move is to buy a triband phone in India. I just don't want to get stuck with durability and breakdown issues with the phone. At least over here I can go to the local store I bought it from to get a replacement. it may be difficult over there. Nonetheless, I think it's still probably worth it to purchase the phone overseas.

    Thanks, again!

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