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    Hi guys,

    I know this issue has been covered to death elsewhere, but I specifically wanted the well informed folks from this board to weigh in. Out of the box the keyboard slider (when closed) does not want to stay in one place. It will slide a good 3-4mm back and forth when in my hand. When it's fully extended, it locks solidly into place. However, when closed... its a bit annoying when trying to use it as a phone.

    Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Is it something I just need to get used too?

    Other than that issue, this device is simply amazing. I come from a long history of PPC usage. I gave the Treo a try when VZW finally came out with it. Nice device, but now that I've got the XV6600 in my hands, the Treo simply can't compare. I'm sure this is due to my comfort level with PPC, but I can't argue with the fact that I can do most everything with the XV6600 I need too right out of the box. With the Treo, I've probably spend over $200 in software to get the similar functionality.

    Thanks for your time guys!
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    That is not normal. I would get a replacement. The slider usually comes stiff, and loosens up a bit over a month.
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    I second that....I have had 3 phones (long story) and the slider should be firm and locked into place at both the up and down position. Exchange it now.

    Other forums have reported that over time some units become a little loose when sliding...which if it locks in the up and down position is actually a plus for me because it increases the one handed opt greatly over a really stiff keyboard you need two hands to open.
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    Ok thanks guys. What I might do is keep it for a while longer. When I ordered it, the rep asked if I would rather wait for the camera version. He said it is due out mid Jan. If true, I can exchange this under my 30 day refund guarantee and get the camera model.
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    Can anyone else that follows the ppc 66xx confirm that the 6600 (with cam) will come out in Jan 2005? Thanks.
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    Get it replaced. It's a known problem area and one that won't be fixed. Cross your fingers and hope that you get a good one next time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noob
    Get it replaced. It's a known problem area and one that won't be fixed. Cross your fingers and hope that you get a good one next time.
    Yes...look at my two posts over at

    Getting PPC-6600 Upgrade from 6601 From Sprint for FREE!!!!!

    SPRINT: PPC-6600 Available Jan 25th

    Bottom line is when you have it replaced aske for the 6600 as it is currently the same price. That may change after it comes out, i.e. the 6601 may drop in price. So do it now and get put on the back order list.

    But beware that all orders purge from the Sprint system if they are not fullfilled within 30 days, so you HAVE to remember to call in 3-4 days prior your 30 mark to refresh your order.

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