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    can someone help me to see if a T5 and mobile would be a better bet than a treo 650? I'm trying to string my buzzing chipped 600 till the 650 is available but i'm not sure if id be better going back to the separate palm/phone mobile

    I use my treo for work so the phone is v. important

    I check emails for work constantly and occasionally go on internet

    i use agendus to organise myself

    sms is v. important

    Games are good therapy

    Would T5 do all of that better than treo?
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    The Treo is king of SMS and email. Nothing better imo.

    If you can live with two devices than the argument becomes compelling enough to make the answer different depending on the individual.

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    Personally, I could never see myself carrying two devices anymore. For me, in your situation, the options would be:
    • Live with 600 until 650 comes out...I assume you mean the GSM version as the CDMA is already out.
    • Get another cell phone that can do just enough to get me through this time.
    • Upgrade to another option like the PPC-660x/VZ6600/SX66. If you are looking at GSM the SX66 is the one, at least I think it is.
    It is so worth it for me to have a convergence device with integrated PDA and cell phone functionality that it would be worth the wait or jump across platforms.

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