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    A SPCS tech representative just called my on my cell to get more info regarding the beep issue. Interesting how they all mask their numbers when they call you.

    Anyway, I told her what I knew and I guess the ball is in their court so to speak.

    Keep you posted should I hear more.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Calls from two SPCS engineers this AM. One was an RF guy who thought this might be tower related, the other from a person that told me this was a recognized problem with the handset and that a patch was coming, she just didn't know when.

    Moot point, mines is boxed and waiting for UPS to pick it up.

    Good Luck to you guys. I will follow and maybe come back one day soon.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Oh, yeah, tower/RF guy told me SPCS is playing with EDVO around the country now. Some of you might get lucky on the road out there. Though I gues they might have a special prl like VZN, so maybe not. End of year for those of us at the back of the short bus in Omaha.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Any updates?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yitzchakis1
    Any updates?
    Last friday I sent a rather long detailed email to my contact at Sprint, a National Sales Manager, following up on this very issue. I included several examples from this forum and a couple others. I also spent quite some time on the fact that VZ does not have the beep and many people are willing to pay more there and leave sprint so they don't have the beep.

    He has been active in his assistance in helping to resolve this matter. Each of my emails he is forwarding onto the highest ranking tech support.

    I talked to him yesterday and he is very anxious to get this update and I think will prove vital in getting it out in a timely manner.

    Just to let you know that I have been pushing Sprint from the inside out, instead of the other way around.
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    Thanks Hobbes
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    Please let us all know ASAP. I can always jump back. The lack of EV-DO, is a definite drawback though. See if your guy can give us a "glimpse" of SPCS's planned roll-out schedule. I know the one local guy I talked to said that they were trying it in certain "unspecified" areas.

    Happy Holidays All,

    Bob Duckworth
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    Cross post from HoFo:

    Originally posted by fventura
    I have a Verizon XV6600 and will confirm that this problem exists on my phone also. Two times I've heard a loud beep and lost the call (all on 15-20 minute calls) and once I had a continuous beep while trying to place a call and could not place it.

    It seems to have always occurred in EVDO areas, but I really haven't used it enough in non-EvDO areas to be sure..

    The last occurent with the continuous beep and not being able to place a call was when I was on a fringe EVDO/ 1X area...where I actually would not have suspected EVDO to even be available...(Nashua, NH)
    "Damn!! This is very bad news. From what we had heard, this was a SPCS issue only.

    Other VZN users: Any others experienced this issue?


    Bob Duckworth"

    Seems one VZN user has had this problem. Others?

    Bob Duckworth
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    My Sprint Corp contact yesterday was trying to follow up on the status of this issue....I will let you know if I hear anything.

    I was also reading one of the other forums with this issue with VZ. Some of them are starting to pin it down to EVDO areas only. They are communicating with each other to try to confirm.

    It maybe an EVDO network least for VZ.
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    Thanks. Would be a bummer if it affects both lines of carriers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    It maybe an EVDO network least for VZ.
    I dont beleive it.Every time we think there is a handle on this something else pops up and proves the theory wrong. The only thing that has been consistant is inconsitancy.

    This problem must be an underlying os issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rduckwor
    Other VZN users: Any others experienced this issue?
    I am in an EV-DO area (Washington, DC - the original EV-DO region) and have never had "the beep." My phone occasionall slips to 1xRTT when I am in a building or high-demand EV-DO area (around the Pentagon). It never makes a single sound and transitions smoothly between the two modes. In short, this sounds like a one-time/one-user experience.

    BTW, been using EV-DO continuously here in DC since beta over a year ago. I must say, it's nice to finally have a phone in my hands with the same speed as Wifi, everywhere, all the time. Gonna drop my EV-DO PC Card service and use the phone as a modem from now on.
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    I have never had the beep on my VZN 6600, in EV-DO areas of Atlanta and Houston, and in 1xRTT areas all over Arizona. In and out of EV-DO and 1xRTT for a month now, and never, ever a beep.
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    I heard the dang beep again tonight 30 seconds into CHECKING MY VOICE MAIL!!

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