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    Our company is looking to purchase several smartphones during Q2 2005. I've had a Treo 600 for a while, but I don't think it's the right device for us.

    Ideally, I'd like to get a smartphone running Windows mobile. It should be able to access our corporate VPN, run Excel, remote desktop, and sync with Outlook. Ideally, I'd like for it to have built-in wifi (although adding this through an SD card would be ok).

    I've been looking at reviews of the 6601 and HP 6315. While they both seem like good contenders, neither one has everything I want.

    So, I'm curious to know what's coming out in the next 6 months. Can anyone recommend other sites where I could research some of this stuff?

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    I considered the SMT5600 for awhile, but decided against it for a couple reasons.

    1, it turned out not to be available after the AT&T/Cingular merger went through.

    2, it didn't have the MS Reader. I have several books on my current, old, PPC handheld.

    3, going this route, since I would want to replace my PPC, I didn't like the fact that new software was probably required, so no go with Pocket Quicken.

    Which meant that, on the Cingular plan, I went with a straight phone that supports Bluetooth and Edge, and will get a BT ppc when my existing Sprint contract ends in March. I'll just continue to use the cheaper vision plan there with my 600 until then.
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    Just saw this today - BenQ P50. Runs on Windows Mobile 2003, Wifi, BT. It's cheaper than the Treo, and the form factor isn't too bad, better than most of the others (except the Treo).
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    There's more good stuff coming, but it depends on the carrier. If you want CDMA (Sprint, Verizon), your choices will be limited, but you get the best data service (EV-DO and beyond). I expect to see more EV-DO phones available from Verizon after the first of the year, when their EV-DO network becomes more broadly available.

    If you want GSM, Cingular uses a different frequency band (850) than is used in Europe, so a European GSM phone probably won't work for you. IMO this rules out the i-mate JAM until next year, because it's a triband phone and the currently-available tribands are Europe's frequencies. A triband JAM intended for North America (with 850 band) is expected in January. The current JAM (and the BenQ P50) are GPRS only, not even EDGE. Not good enough, IMO. Best source of news on the JAM and other Pocket PC phones is Hofo:
    For example a couple of threads on the JAM:
    In that first thread, BengalBoy reports that we can expect an imate JAM2 sometime in 2005 with 128 MB of memory and built-in Wifi. That's the phone I'm waiting for. I don't know if it will be out in six months though.

    If you like T-Mobile, any European phone will work just fine, as long as you don't mind GPRS. They plan to continue to support the same frequencies world-wide, so you don't have to switch phones when you travel. What a concept.

    Also coming in January: The Motorola MPx, aka MPx 300. Definitely worth a look. There have been some previews:,35071

    Expected sometime next year: The Samsung i-730. Here's a forum dedicated to this phone:

    I would not be surprised to see a Pocket PC version of the Treo 650 available in six months. Best source of Treo info is Treo Central, of course.

    It is hard to pin down exactly when you will see any of these phones. Will any of them be available in 6 months? Maybe. Maybe not. I think we will see lots more Pocket PC phones available in 2005 though. Good luck.
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    The challenge with asking "What's Next?" when talking about technology is that the companies often don't even know when their products will actually be available to buy. Sure they have street days planed, but with last minute software glitches, carrier contracts, distribution, etc... I have seen them delayed for 6 months before.

    Scan all the sites, PdahPhoneHome, Howard Forums, TreoCentral, sections and forums to get a good feel of what's coming and when they are expected as it stands now.

    As mentioned it depends on what carrier you are looking for, and if our are in the States or EU. If you are in europe, There are some really cool phones coming next year that will take longer to go states side. The one I would be looking at is the next generation MDA/PDA2K/PPC-660x/VZ6600/SX66 phone and this is 6 months old news:
    So hot on the heels of T-Mobile Deutschland’s unveiling of the MDA III Pocket PC Phone a few weeks back comes news that there’s already an MDA IV on the way that is due out early next year. We suspect this one will probably have the same slide-out mini-keyboard and built-in WiFi as the MDA III (pictured at right), but what we do know is that it will get a bump up in processor speed to 624MHz, have a high-res 640x480 pixel VGA display, and operate on both GSM and 3G networks (UMTS to get all specific on your ***). Of course this all fantasy stuff for us since we have yet to even see the MDA II show up here in the States (we’re still on the lowly MDA I,aka the XDA or T-Mobile’s Pocket PC Phone).

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    More on the Samsung i730:

    EV-DO and Wifi in a CDMA phone!
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    Here is the known list

    -Mpx; soon, Asia only, too little memory.
    -P50; soon, world wide, first BenQ model.
    -i730; unknown/FCC approved, CDMA only, second generation Samsung.
    -KDDI i-mate; unknown, Japan, CDMA/CF, not for released research prototype(?)
    -XDA IV; mid '05; worldwide, another HTC followup of i-mate line, first VGA class phone nothing else is known.
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    Thanks for all the replies! This is very helpful. For the record, I'm in the US, and looking to either Verizon or Sprint as the carrier.

    I've got a 6600 on the way from Verizon (our current carrier). I'm not in a big city, so I imagine EV-DO will be a while in the coming. But seeing as how we're going to wait until August of 05 to get these things anyways, we've got plenty of time.

    Can anyone recommend a good resource for definitions of some of these terms (CDMA, GSM, EDGE, 3G, etc)? I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the stupid abbreviations.

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    -Samsung 'Be-bop' (numerical pad slider, WiFi/BT, 2.8")

    -Unknown HP, p50 look-alike spotted. rumored to come out first half of this year.
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    More picture of Samsung i730. This one will come out Q1 this year.

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