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    What are you using for IM'ing on your PPC6601?

    I'm trying VeriChat, but it doesn't seem to work in the background the way it did on the Treo600.

    Anybody got good alternatives? (The included MSN messenger works great for MSN)
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    The backgrond feature is excellent with the Treo. I had issues finding a program that would live up to that with the PPC/phone I had. The closes app I found was Agile messenger but it was no VERICHAT. Nonetheless this was was of my gripes with PPC
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    Thanks. I'll check out Agile messenger.
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    I'm having trouble getting AOL to register. Oh well. I guess there's an opportunity for somebody to produce a better PPC IM client.

    Actually, it seems like VeriChat should have the upper hand in this quest.

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