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    Not sure how true it is, but they have the 'confidential' manual from verizon talking about all the different things having to do with the phone, and confirming the high speed access.

    Its the second item down....
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    Called VZW today in attempts to buy one (I'm a business cust). They were supposed to be released 12/2, however they weren't for some unknown reason. No new ETA, but my well informed rep thought she'd see em before Christmas. She also said that, if VZW holds true to form, the consumer versions will be available 1-2 months after the business release.

    I spent about 65 mins talking to 4 different folks (having issues with my 4th Treo). Every single one of them said the XV6600 will simply dominate the PDA/Phone market. One even called the Treo a toy when compared. Can you imagine 500kb on a phone??
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    The XV6600 has been available for about 2 weeks now from VZN B2B. Check out all the discussion on It is the same as the PPC6601 on Sprint, no camera. It does have EV-DO and if you are in an area with the service, it seems to work blazingly fast.
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    I think the only thing that will really prevent it from being a super success is the 2 hours of talk time. Or am I wrong about the talk time?
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    mmm on the sprint 6601 i get about 3....a little more than 3 hours of talk time... straight... and it basically works down to about 2-4%.. unlike the *my* treo which would stop working with anything below 20%
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    Also the verizon customers can buy that extra battery for half price so they have the ability to charge the extra battery alongside the regular battery in the cradle. thats plenty of talk time! no joke. while i wish it was one battery that did 6 hours of talk time the technology isnt there yet unless u want a "fat" battery
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    Does anyone know how VZN national coverage compares to SPCS?

    Does anyone have experience with both in Atlanta, GA?

    I should probably ask them in a different forum. Thanks for any comments, though.

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