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    Well, it's a sad day but it is going back. I just can't see spending this kind of money on a convergence device when it can't be made to work as intended.

    There are so many things to love about this device, but, the beep issue kills it for me.

    Maybe, if there is a fix in the near term future, I'll be back. But, meantime, back to the good old reliable T600.


    Bob Duckworth
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    Yes, I too decided to keep the old 600 workhorse until the beep issue is resolved. I think it will be handled before the end of the year, but that's just my feeling. I'll keep checking at HoFo...
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    Where are you looking on Hofo? Just so I can track it also.


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    There is no single thread, unfortunately.

    I cruise over there every now and then on my Treo. Its a painful experience on my Palm, so I have turn images off when I do. I usually check at least 4 times a day, when work is slow, and a few more times when I'm at home.
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    Yeah, I go and look at a lot of stuff too. This device is so much faster with web page rendering than my T600. Pains me to let it go, but go it must unless I fix the beep.


    Bob Duckworth
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    Yes, it is a PHONE first after all.
    The thread you're on at seems lively enough. I imagine if HoFo finds a fix, it would pop up on there rather quick.

    I just signed up over there as a member. Hopefully will be my replacement for TC when I migrate. I like HoFo, but there is a lot of threads to navigate at once.

    If PIE is that good, though, maybe I'll be able to do both.....

    Damn I want that fix and for Sprint to release the camera version!
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    Yes, PIE is pretty good and interestingly the data throughput I get from DSL Reports on this device average about 20-40 kbps higher than the T600.

    Now to just fix that damn beep.


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