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    I have viewed a few post that says the pull out thumb board is getting loose and now giving a minor rattle.
    True? False?
    Should be a stopper!
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    Not for me at this point 14 days in. The battery squeeks a bit when I use the thumb board, but its not loose or rattling yet.

    Bob Duckworth
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    battery squeaks? right side near where the right middle finger or ring finger holds it? whew! thought it was just mine. i was going to send this back and get a replacement on this fact alone, the slide opening is only annoying because it makes the device look like its not perfect. we know this already slide thumboard isnt really loose, even when i starting taking it apart. you are right though bob, beep of death would be a nice resolve. i cant keep data services off all the time - and i keep forgetting to turn it off before calls, so i'm still unsure if it could be vision related. keep posting here and other forums though, we'll fix this soon enough
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    Yep, exactly where mine squeeks. A guy on another forum posted that Audiovox is working on a beep fix. Vaporware for now but maybe a reason for hope.


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