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    I loved the notepad on my T3 and it was smooth writing. I thought forsure that with the higher resolution screen with the 650, they would have installed NotePad in the rom. From what I've seen, every other jotting program for the 650 gives you a very jaggedy and sloppy writing even on the hi res screen. Or is there anything out there that would work for this. I loved being able to quickly write down notes or phone numbers etc.
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    Hmmm... have you tried diddlebug?
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    I too was quite upset Notepad was not on my 650. I had it on my Tungsten C, and I'm going to try to just copy the .prc file to my 650. Why wouldn't they have included such a nice little app? Maybe because they realize they didn't include enough memory?
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    If you find a way to get it off the Palm let me know. I'll be the first one there.

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