Started a new thread as the old one was getting a bit long in the tooth - mostly due to my crappy posts.

Hopefully I can contribute something here rather than asking questions all the time. Here's what I have found:


O.K. Here's one answer. CS didn't bother to tell me to go to the web page ON THE PPC. URL is

1. BC running on your desktop.

2. Press the SPCS button on the keyboard on the PPC.

3. On the web page this opens, choose either Messaging or Business Tools.

4. Choose Business Connection, then choose Personal if that's what you are signed up for with SPCS.

5. Log in and check "Remember Me"

6. Choose documents Bookmark this page as a web favorite and you should be able to access it directly without having to log in every time.

Its web based, but at least it seems to be optimized for handheld devices. It's pretty fast and does offer links to add files to emails, or download to the PPC memory.

It seems that you must first download the file to add it as an email attachment, but I'm not yet certain. I'll poke at it some more.

Bob Duckworth