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    I was wondering if anyone has a generic ROM for the 6601... Sprint has their logo over everything and I am kinda into the open source projects (

    Also , I heard there was a newer bluetooth version for the 6601. Supposedly there is an update available at as well, but you need an IMIE number to gain access...

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    What is an IMIE number?
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    Keep checking at

    The rumor is the Rom update to fix the bluetooth issues will be out before Christmas, and that it is already in beta.

    Some are even suggesting it could be out by the end of this week!
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    Yeah, what the hell is an IMIE number. Strictly limited to T-Mobile devices?? I tried to register with my ESN (both hex and dec) and my SN, but no joy. Closed club for T-Mobile phones?

    Bob Duckworth
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    dcopperfield... are you THE d copperfield?
    Ever wonder if those FreeIPOD / FreeMiniMac scam sites work? Well, I found out Have a look at the results:
    <a href=""></a>
    What was your username again? -BOFH

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    why yes I am... The only trick I have been unsuccessful at is ridding my phone of this "tone" every now and again.

    I have assistants working night and day for a solution
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    HTC makes all the phones and sells them to other companies (Imate, Audiovox, etc..) to brand and support it. So, to my ultimate frustration, I believe the Imate Club is only for those who have an Imate branded phone. I am not sure what the IMIE number is for sure beyond some sort of serial number that is often hidden or locked.
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    IMEI = International Mobile Electronic Identifier or something very similar. Since we're CDMA, I don't think we get one. Club I-Mate is primarily for the European users of these devices. That being said, if they have an answer for the beep of death, I would surely like to know what it is.

    Bob Duckworth
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    - I did a search on gg for "IMEI number CDMA". Lots of useful info, especially on the .au sites. A few I looked at (many security related) were:



    - There are many usefule URLs read. YMMV. Not from AU; just looking at their info.

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