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    Now this looks just too cool. So cool, that it probably won't be avialable in the states for 4 years plus one year for delays.....and this news is 6 months old!!!!

    So hot on the heels of T-Mobile Deutschland’s unveiling of the MDA III Pocket PC Phone a few weeks back comes news that there’s already an MDA IV on the way that is due out early next year. We suspect this one will probably have the same slide-out mini-keyboard and built-in WiFi as the MDA III (pictured at right), but what we do know is that it will get a bump up in processor speed to 624MHz, have a high-res 640x480 pixel VGA display, and operate on both GSM and 3G networks (UMTS to get all specific on your ***). Of course this all fantasy stuff for us since we have yet to even see the MDA II show up here in the States (we’re still on the lowly MDA I,aka the XDA or T-Mobile’s Pocket PC Phone).
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    i thouight you were serios when u said 4 years...
    that mda iv is due early next year and maybe we will see it in the usa by april may or early summer. remember, the ppc-6601 was suppose to be late july/august and they kept pushing it back (sprint). they had the imate pda2k out in early/late september? 640x320 would be nice but i am so satisfied with the screen already. the keyboard's keys need to be fuller or raised more - thats all i would ask for. and a little longer battery life. i dont even mind having no wifi built in as long as evdo will work by then
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    I don't think EVDO or EVDV will work in Digital Roam, so Wifi will still remain a must for a lot of users.

    Im pretty happy with the keyboard myself.....and until the next generation of battery technology, that is 20 years overdue, finally sees the light of day we will always have battery issue...especially with more power hunger features (BT, Higher res screens, Wifi, EVDO, Vision, EVDV, etc...)

    True VGA display and 624 mhz processor sure would be nice.

    I seem to want to use the keyboard more in landscape than portrait, I wonder what it would be like to have a landscape sliding keyboard? Probably too wierd, but it would be neat to try and see if it was worth it.

    A MP camera should be standard by now as well.
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    This reminds me of the PC days, PC XT AT 200 300 450 If i'm not careful I could be buying a new phone every four months.
    Thanks Sprint for saving me.
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lenman
    This reminds me of the PC days, PC XT AT 200 300 450 If i'm not careful I could be buying a new phone every four months.
    Thanks Sprint for saving me.
    I am already on my way.. ..I use to buy a new cell phone every 3-4 I am down to every 10-12 months.... ...
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    Same here, every 10-12 months I'm getting a new phone/PDA. With all accessories for these things, and the software you need to replace (Palm to PPC to Palm, etc.) I figure I spend about $1000 per year on the "hardware" for my hobby. Sometimes I recoup some of it by reselling the old one, but this time I'm keeping the Treo600. I guesstimate about springtime I'll be ready to go back to the Palm OS and the Treo and I'm keeping it because it was just so good at what it did, and the 650 sounds like it has some problems.

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    Hello all,
    So I did all this research and finally decided on the Treo 650, I had been really frustrated trying to get T-Mobile to come up with a PDA-Video & Digital Camera-MP3 playing Phone with bluetooth, really was it so much to ask? So I bought a Cingular 650, got the unlock hack, which was a nerve-wracking experience, got all excited and set myself up with a bluetooth stereo headset and enabled my international roaming and jaunted off to Europe. Of course I found out that I couldn't use my nifty stereo headset (unless anyone knows something I don't) and what is the point of having a bluetooth mp3 player that you can't hear in stereo or voice dial the phone?

    Now I'm hearing about the new MDA being released by T-Mobile next week and wondering, is this what I want? It just seems that all the technology I want is out there, just not in one place or co-operative with one another. I haven't been able to find great deal of information on this new MDA, what is the general consesus here? Should we stick with our 650's until Palm releases something better than the 700, or hope that T-Mobile launches something reliable, fully loaded and totally BLUETOOTH functional-or should I give up and get a play phone (like the Razr) and a lap-top? I hate to rant but would really appreciate some insight.

    Those of us 'would be grown-ups' with ADHD really need something to keep up with us and babysit us (reminder: DR. APPT. tomorrow!) at the same time. Thanks and BTW appreciate all the help I've gotten from those of you who have taken your time and energy to post things to help everyone. This website has been a huge help.
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