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    Now before everyone starts asking how.....I can only share it in the most technical terms.......I don't know!!!!!

    This is what happened:

    I installed the CD version of the drivers, inserted the card, reset, and it did not work.

    After several tries I got to see a list of some networks in my neighborhood only ONCE and the rest of the time it froze my system and I had to soft set it.

    I then installed the website version of it with no luck...still froze and did not work.

    I never got the system to recognize the 256mb memory card either.

    After another post stated that ScanDisk 3rd teir support said they don't support it and will never support I wrote the company I bought it from and got approval for a return.

    Now it is 4 days later and I have done nothing more. As I was packing it up to return it I decided to try it one more time for kicks....and immediately it asked if I wanted to format the mem card. I said yes.

    I then started the ScanDisk config app, added the MAC to my MAC filtering on my wireless router, entered my 128 bit key, and presto 100% signal strength to my network.

    I browsed the net for about an hour just marvelling at the Wifi speed.....doing nothing but jumping from site to site watching how fast it loads!

    I even logged onto 3 of my neighbors network, who apparently don't have a clue about wireless security.

    I have removed the card several times, and it works instantly each time. I even replace my 1 gig card, reset, removed the mem card, then put in my Scandisk, reset, and it still worked!

    But now that I got your hopes up, on the 4th try of removing it and putting back in to test its ability to restablish a connection....the phone refuses to see that the card is in!

    Urrrrg!!!!! Man.....this just sucks that Scandisk is refusing to support Mobile 2003se!
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