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    I've been investigating getting a new phone (a smartphone to replace my present Tungsten + phone combo) and I realized that THIS is basically what I've been looking for.

    I've always been a hardcore Palm guy, but damn, what is Palm busy smoking in the lab when devices like this are coming out from the competition?

    We Palm devotees should have not just one but a variety of this stuff to chose from, not just and overpriced and underequipped Treo 650. The "smartphone" market has just got a huge gap of affordable devices that are small but have stylus input and full PDA capability. Once you start introducing Excel and Word and Powerpoint EDITING/WRITING capability on these things, it quickly becomes obvious that a 5 point joystick or even a keyboard is not really enough to get full value out of the device

    At this rate, I just might get up next week and and go buy one of these damn MS-Satan powered things, instead of the Treo 650 or Nokia 6630 I was thinking about!

    Pre-production model pseudo-review here:
    Below is my translation of it:

    Qtek S100 is the next model to be released by Qtek. The model is planned to be released by the end of the yeat and wil be a sort of intemediate model between Qtek 8010 (ie Audiovox 5600/Orange SPVC500, etc) and Qtek 9090 (O2 XDA II, MDA III etc). mySmartphone got to test the telephone for about an hour. Read more to see the description and the pictures.

    It would be perhaps a bit wrong to say that Qtek S100 is an intermediate model beween Qtek 8010 and 9090. Instead, it would be more correct to say that it is a Qtek 2020 in mini-format, bet with a better camera and newer operating system. Qtek S100 will probably fit perfecty for the target group (of people) who is out after PDA funcitonality, but believes that the Qtek 8010 is not powerful enough and/or that the Qtek 9090 would be too big.

    Qtek S100 is small and actually generally accepted to be the world's smallest PDA with telephony capability. It is considerably smaller than its "big brothers" Qtek 2020 and 9090, but at the same time, not much bigger than its "little brother", Qtex 8010. The telephone fits well in the hand and feels neither big nor awkward to speak into.

    In order to get a small model one must always make some compomise with respect to other functions. Accordingly, the screen size is now changed from 3.5" to 2.8", while the resolution remains at 240x320 pixels. As the screen is become smaller, you will get less space lengthwise, but the high resolution notheless keeps the picture sharp and clear.

    In order to operate the Qtek S100, you use the stylus for most functions. In order to make message typing even easier, the S100 can now offer a compeltely new T9 dictionary. This is a function which could have been normal on pure mobile phones, but has now also clearly come into the Pocket PC world. You also have the usual call and press the buttons, in addtion to the dedicated buttons to contacts and call register. New here, is that these are now placed below the thumbpad/joystick, instead of on the upper section of the telephone, as we are used to with Qtek 2020 and 9090.

    For those interested in the camera, we can mention that the Qtek S100 has got a 1.3 Megapixel camera. With this, the S100 will become the first Qtek phone to get a camera which is better than the usual VGA camera.

    Qtek S100 can also show off with the Second Edition operating system, which mean that you can among other things, utilize the display in both horizontal (landscape) and vertical (profile) layouts. Nonetheless new is the ability to just tap an icon in a tasklist, rather than to have to wrestle your way through a handful of menus, as is necesary on the 9090.

    We believe that the Qtek S100 can be a big success when the production verison comes on the market. Qtek has managed to create a model that competes directly with the Sony Ericsson P910i, by giving it the same fucntionality and power as the Qtek 2020 (PDA), but in a package not much bigger than an ordinary mobile phone.

    mySmartphone will com back with a big test as soon as the production version is available. In the meantime you can take a look at the pictures of of the Qtek S100.

    Click on the pictures for bigger versions:
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    I have yet to try a MS powered smart phone that I really like. For me it comes to the thumb board as I am always on it for email and calendar functions. Without a usable thumb board, a smartphone is pretty useless for me. T9 doesn't cut it -- had a blackberry and the phone part was difficult to integrate easily.

    IMO, the tradeoff for all this "power" that MS has is usability. In my experience, the Treo just fits my needs much, much better. However, ymmv.
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    Hows battery life on those jam's?
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    I am not very confident of being keyboardless.
    650 is still perfect

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