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    Just received my open-box special SDIO WiFi Card from Socket. Only used it for about 5 mins, but here are my experiences:

    1) Downloaded updated drivers from the web site. Didn't bother wiht the CD that came with the card.

    2) Installed software

    3) Soft-reset

    4) Pop'd in card

    5) Found network instantly. Entered pass-key. DCHP. Done!

    It was that simple. Within about 90 seconds, I was surfing the web, mapping shared drives, playing mp3s from my file server, checking email, all over my home-network...

    Haven't tested range/battery issues yet...


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    who made the Wifi card part number?
    does the card have memory so it can be used as a storage device also?
    How far does it stick out? Pictures please.
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    It's made by Socket - It's not quite double the length of a standard SD card...


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