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    Yeah, I know... this is Treo Central and I'm committing heresy by suggesting an alternative to the Treo. Well, what better place to find people who know all of the Treo's strengths and weaknesses -- and maybe even the strengths and weaknesses of my idea.

    I'm one of those guys who has wanted a Treo 600, but has been holding out for the GSM 650's. My key applications (beyond voice) are email, web, SMS, and some specialized palm apps including GPS. One option I've been contemplating is getting a bluetooth-equipped phone and a Tungsten T5 rather than the T650. Granted, this is now two things to carry around instead of one. However, it's also possible to leave the PDA at home on the weekend, or other times when you want to. The Tungsten T5 is more PDA than the Treo -- larger display, fast, and 256MB RAM (wow!).

    So, what's the downside? Why would I want to hold off and wait for the Treo 650? What (if anything) am I missing?

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    wait for the mpx - should be out in jan/feb and comes with lots of goodies
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    wait for the mpx - should be out in jan/feb and comes with lots of goodies
    A about the same amount of memory as a T650
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    Welcome to Other Smartphones Forum...
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    There is an Audiovox PocketPC coming soon from Verizon/Sprint that will be EVDO capable. It also has a keypad that slides out. I've played with one and it was nice but still a tad big. PPC is also cumbersome to use me thinks.

    Or you can wait for the next gen Palm smartphones with Cobalt OS. Multitasking, high speed EVDO, protected memory, USB-on-the-go but some say Cobalt is behind schedule and may not deliver until late next year at best. Palm is targeting early next year but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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