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    Also I can't find the 6600 on sprint's oe verizons website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavemeister
    Thanks for the info, but I don't want to lug everything around. So is it true that the 6600's keyboard is easier to type on?
    BTW the BT Keyboard folds up really small. It would fit in any coat pocket easily. The mouse is a mini travel mouse and would fit into any shirt or pants pocket. The keyboard comes with a nice padded zipper case and the mouse comes with a pouch bag.

    Yes....IMHO it is wider and works well for me. See my very first post on this thread and look at the keyboard section.

    The differences between the 600 & 660x is that the 600/650 has "real" buttons, but they are very close together. While the 660x is wider, but has bumps on for buttons. Please look at and scroll down to see a pictures of both keyboards.....then scroll down more to see a close up of the 660x keyboard. I cannot recall anytime that I have missed a button I was aiming for on the 660x.

    The 6600 is NOT available yet, that is why I was so happy to have one replace my 6601. The 6601 is currently only available through Business Sales with Sprint. As for VZ, I don't know...anyone else help on that one?

    I hope this helps.
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    Here is a follow up with great news for those waiting for the PPC-6600!
    I just got off the phone with Sprint to verify my order of the PPC-6600 that is going to replace my cracked screen on my 6601. They said that the phone will be available to order on Jan 25th...or by the end of the last week of Jan for sure.

    We will see, but they did say it was confirmed.
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    Thanks for the update.

    Is Hobbes really real!
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    Is Hobbes really real!
    As real as I am sure that the PPC-6600 is coming out on the 25th!
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    I think some may be scared of this's funny I will get more private mail than posts sometimes asking questions of the PPC!

    Here is an answer of mine from one of these asking about the benefits/availablity of applications of Palm vs a PPC OS. After a time of working now with both I just wanted to share my observation:

    I am a 10 month Treo 600 lover that went to the PPC-6600. I loved the 600. I did what I needed in the field. I was the envy of all my colleagues.

    But now, after over a month of using the PPC-6600, I really do feel that I have graduated to the power of true mobility. Now, I am not not a MS fan at all. I have worked in the industry too long and have seen first hand the illegal tactics MS conducts in the course of business. But I have to go where I can meet the demands of my job....and that is with the new Pocket PC 2003 Mobile 2nd Edition OS.

    I was always under the assumption that the Palm had a lot more programs available for it becuase of it's tight and dedicated community, but I know feel that was an illusion to a large degree. I now think that the PPC has more (or at least often times more developed) main application solutions. But I must say the Palm no doubt has more hacks and OS utillities, or at least ones that are easy to use....many of which I do miss, i.e. lights, keycap, profiles, etc...

    With the 5 way nav on the PPC-6600 style phone, software and OS nav has become a [Edit] moot () point. Just like the when the Treo 600 first released, the 5 way nav had to wait for software to take full advantage of it to show it's true power. The PPC-6601 is in that stage now. It has the power and can be used to 80% of it's potential...we are just waiting for software developers to take full advantage of it.

    After being on both sides of the fence, I can say that I honestly like both. Both can suite the needs of the individual nicely, depending on their needs. But if I was going to have to choose the one that offers the most road warrior power between the Treo and the PPC-6600....I would have to choose the PPC-6600 due to it's features and to the OS with application options.
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    Keep it up Hobbes -- there are lots of us reading but not posting..

    and btw, it's "moot" point, not "mute"
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    Good stuff Hobbes.
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    This is one of my favorite threads on this forum. I have the t600 and am waiting to upgrade. I am sure there are others like me who appreciate the frank and unbiased opinion of you and others who post. Please keep us posted on your experiences with the NEW 6600!
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    thank you
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    Hobbes discusses the 6600 in a sane and informed, not a PPC zealot-ist way which is nice....
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    Thanks all for the support....I'll let you how the camera is when I get the 6600!
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    When I am typing an email from the keyboard, often when I press the return key, it closes the message and puts it in the drafts mailbox. I have to transfer to drafts, re-open the message and then continue typing. Sometimes it happens several times in a message, sometimes only once, then the return key works like a return key for the rest of the message.

    Am I doing something to cause this?
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    I, too, have had this happen occasionally. I attributed it to my big finger tips. A bigger problem for me is remembering to lift off the shift or function key when I'm though with it.

    BTW, the key pad on the VZW device "feels" better than the one on the SPCS device. Better tactile feedback for me. Purely subjective of course.

    Gadget: Are you using Wireless Sync?

    Bob Duckworth
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    Yes, Bob, am using wireless sync.

    I am so glad to hear you got set up with a VZN model and it seems to working out for you. I like the feel of the keyboard, but I don't think it is my big finger causing it to close my has happened to often with me that I am very careful when I hit the key and it seems to close 75% of the time and simply go to the next line 25% of the time. I thought there might be some setting somewhere.

    I did find that 9th programmable button on the keyboard, that is set by default to to to email...right to the left of the space bar. Very nice
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    Gadget: I will keep an eye out for the issues with the return key and let you know what I see.

    I have also set up the ninth key for messaging.

    Would you please PM me? I need some advice on the Wireless Sync and how you have it set up. I'm having some server problems with it and finally got it to sync once this AM. I'm running the console software on my desktop and I'm not sure that it's necessary. As I understand it, WS grabs the email directly from the pop server. But, I could be wrong. VZW processes are very new to me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GadgetLuvR

    When I am typing an email from the keyboard, often when I press the return key, it closes the message and puts it in the drafts mailbox. I have to transfer to drafts, re-open the message and then continue typing. Sometimes it happens several times in a message, sometimes only once, then the return key works like a return key for the rest of the message.

    Am I doing something to cause this?

    Happens to me too, all the time a long with the beep of death
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    I have had this happen to me, but only really noticed it after my screen cracked and so I cannot say what I am doing for sure. It does not happen all the time. When I get my 6600, hopefully on or shortly after Jan 25th, I will play with it more to recreate it and watch closely when it happens.

    I think there may be a mode, or combination that triggers a shortcut command or something.
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    I wanted to follow up on how this all ended up...whether I got a 6601 or a 6600....

    I am torn....I was on the 6600 list but give up when it was reported by Sprint the 6600 won't be available until as late as March or beyond. So I just got my 6601 replacement the day around Feb 10th. Man, does it feel good to hold it again!!! I have been so lost without my calendar, contacts, email, web, GPS, Excel, and of course the games! Then I found out the next day that the 6600 will actually be available on Feb 14th.

    I know I should stay with the 6601, because then there is no question about banned areas.....but the camera can be great to have in that moment your kids are doing something funny and you have nothing better around to capture the it.

    So, I said, what the heck.....and I called Sprint. A Sprint rep made a note on my account saying that I should go into a Sprint store and directing them to exchange my 6601 for a 6600. I still haven't decided to do it yet or not, and I am not sure if it will work....but at least I hopefully gave myself an option either way.

    Then fate made this choice for me. The cell phone Gods must have a wicked sense of humor and love to toy with me!

    I went to take my son to see the Winnie The Pooh's Heffalump Movie the other night. On the way out to the car, he wanted to we did. Half way to the car, my brand spanking new 6601 fell off my belt (I guess I didn't clip it on all the way), slammed on the pavement, the flap to my Proporta case then fell open as it slid face up along the parking lot. As luck would have it, the phone skidded right in front of my son (who of course was running) and he stepped on it and slid about two more feet on the phone!

    Man of all the stinking luck, waiting so long, finally being so excited to have it back, just installed everything just right, and now I saw it all skidding away with my son riding it like a skateboard!

    To my 3 yr old's credit, he stayed up and didn't fall. But I was scared to look at the phone.

    When I picked it up and finally opened my eyes, the first thing I saw were 5 pin sized dents along the right hand side and just knew that as soon as I turned the screen on it would be a perfect spider web for a cracked screen.....but it did not!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is either a true testimony that the 660x really is well built or that the extra protection the Proporta case offered during the initial impact was well worth the case.....or probably more true to the point a lot of both! (now just praying cracks creep across in the next day or so!)

    So needless to say I don't think trying to upgrade a brand new day old dented phone will go over too well at the Sprint store, so my choice is made....I'm sticking with the 6001 and love it!
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    Wow, I just read this entire thread, thanks so much for the VERY informative and detailed review/posts, Hobbes, and I'm sorry to hear about the latest phone accident ! Time to start thinking about my T600 and a possible switch...

    edit: I also wanted to take this post to ask which PPC forums and software sites do you guys frequent. I'd like to do some more research and hear more opinions...some trivial questions (how to install programs) and some not-so-trivial questions (whether you can run programs directly off of a memory card) remain.

    Thanks again!
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