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    I too will be passing on 650 for the ppc6600...thax palm!
    is there a way to use it as a modem on sprint? BT DUN &/or hot synch cable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    The vote is still out for me. It's hard to find a BAD review about the PPC6600 in any of the major forums. People rave about it.
    The T650 doesn't get the same reviews But the 659 doesn't have the saturation that the PPC does, at least not yet. I would be interested to see what Sprint will do the PPC in regards to pricing. I know that others have said there is no changes. Well guess I won’t know for sure till mid Dec.

    Thanks for a great thread!!
    Workaround for pda2k bluetooth wake-up problem...

    Better phone app out there for PPC660x/PDA2k?

    PPC-6601 - Loud, Continuous Beep on Incomming Call

    ppc-6601 going back - DUNS and BT problems, 'nuf time spent working on it
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    As with any phone, the 660x has not been the exception without having any issues....for example my first one would not sync.

    But with reading through these forums, I have found that most have been addressed, or have plans least from other companies like I-mate.

    The BT issue, from what I have read, is fixable with an update. The buzzing I believe is a software issue, again fixable with an update.

    I have not had a chance to play with my BT yet, since I picked up my new phone. I do not have a headset, but a USB adapter for my laptop.

    No matter what phone you go with, the 650 or the 660x, they both have their issues. The big one now apparently now with the 650 is dealing with the memory management. I did search and read on the problems those have had with both phones, and found th 660x again to lesser of two evils.
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    Mine just arrived via UPS. Charging now. When I get a chance, I will shoot some pix versus the T600 if anyone is interested. Aside from that, I'm too new to add to the excellent discussions already posted.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Is yours Sprint? If so, how and where did you get it, the camera version that is?
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    SPCS, but its the 6601 w/o camera.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Just wanted to post that I've download Xten's SIP VoIP client for the 6601, and I'm happily able to use it with my Vonage account, over CDMA Sprint vision...

    It's a little choppy and there's a little delay, but it's a great and useable testement to the VoIP technology...

    I was going to put this in it's own thread, but I'd probably get flammed to death, so I'll post it over at


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    How much is this unit going for?? Especially the one with camera and flash? Thanks.
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    6601 is $630 + taxes, etc. Camrea will likely be more. Ridiculously expensive. I'm such a tech-*****.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Quote Originally Posted by rduckwor
    6601 is $630 + taxes, etc. Camrea will likely be more. Ridiculously expensive. I'm such a tech-*****.

    Bob Duckworth
    Camera is likely to be the same price.

    It has been posted here that Sprint said it would be the same which was exactly what they did with the camera and no camera versions of the Treo 600 (as did ATT Wireless).
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    maybe you should start a new thread, this one is getting a bit long in the tooth.
    IT wouldn't do any good to start a new thread. TC staff will take everything we write about the PPC and merge it into one thread...usually this one. There have been many more threads about the PPC, but they either disappear or get merged without notice. May as well write it here, we are used to coming here to find information on the PPC now.
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    Well, that would be cool for SPCS to offer the 6600 at the same price. After taking a few pix with the T600, the lack of camera is no big loss to me.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Well, I guess that's why they call it "Treocentral". We take up bandwith off-topic I suppose. It would be nice if they opened it up a little to other ideas beyond P1.

    I can tell I have to get use to this device. It's very much like graduating to a real computer system with a new but vaguely familiar OS. Its all there, but finding it may take a while. Overall, I'm pretty pleased but need more time to climb the learning curve.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Thanks for another excellent report on this baby, Hobbes. I'm considering jumping to Sprint for this, but that $15 Vision premium for PPC devices is a block for me. I need web access and POP mail support but I only use 2-3 mb a month.

    I tried the h6315 for a couple of weeks and I found that speed dialing was the biggest difference for me. What speed dial functionality are you finding? I'm sure I'd be getting Voice Command, but sometimes you don't want to speak to your phone (e.g., for privacy).

    BTW, in Transcriber, I find that if I tap a period immediately after a letter it works fine just about every time. If I stop/pause, I do have to resort to the mini symbol keyboard.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    I too will be passing on 650 for the ppc6600...thax palm!
    is there a way to use it as a modem on sprint? BT DUN &/or hot synch cable?
    Has anyone successfully done this? Are there any stability issues?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    So I have had the chance to evaluate the phone for a week on the road with NO 3rd party software installed on it. I have been using it just as it is out of the box. I will pick up my replacement phone tomorrow and will follow up with another review with 3rd party enhancements, i.e. voice command, start page add-on, etc....
    Okay, here is my review a week after having a phone that works and with 3rd party software installed. But first I wanted to say thanks for all the great feedback with your 660x experiences.

    Second, I don't feel bad posting about the 660x on the this forum for two reasons:

    1) This section of Treo Central is for
    Other Handhelds, Phones, and Smartphones
    Discuss other Palm OS handhelds, Pocket PC handhelds, Symbian devices, Microsoft Smartphones, RIM Blackberry, etc and how the Treo stacks up against the competition.
    So these discussions here is very appropiate and within the Laws and Spirit of the forum.

    2) TreoCentral has a strong and diverse community. So much so that I really do believe it when P1 says they monitor this forum. As stated several times, I loved my 600 and hope that P1 will take the lessons learned that we are posting about the 660x to heart, while developing the Treo 700. If they do, I would be more than tempted by it.

    Now onto what I have found the second week with the phone:

    There are Three Software Must Haves for the 660x (which please note this is much less than my Software Must Have list for my Treo). I must also be honest and say that these three recomendations have many tools, tricks, and utilities that I feel should have been already included in a MS OS, i.e. file drag and drop or option to have close button actually close a program:

    Must Have: VOICE COMMAND: ABSOLUTELY A MUST!!!! Whether this should of already been standard on the phone could be debated, there is no doubt the $30 is more than worth it. There is no voice training. You do not have to assign a voice command for each contact or software program. The program reads the names and listens for you to say it. It is ready and accurate right out of the box.

    Since I don't use Voice Memos, I assigned that button for the Voice Command. You just click the button say "Call <Name> on mobile" and it calls their cell phone. It is even smart enough to confirm if it is not sure. You can even say "Launch <Program Name>" and it will launch it for nav through menus or folders to find it.

    Must Have: SPB POCKET PLUS: This is both a start page enhancement along with several OS addons (think of them as Palm OS hack enhancements).

    The Start Page. Ever since I installed this, I don't think I have gone into Programs or Settings to find a program yet. This makes every program on your entire handhald available, including system utilities like connections or ringtones, all on your start page. Or you can only have your most favorite and mosted used there. You can create up to 5 tabs to organize your programs.

    OS Enhancements.
    • Close Button. You can actually have the program close with the close button. You also set it up to do stuff like minimize on tap and close on tap and hold on the close button.
    • Pocket IE. This adds the following to Pocket Internet Explorer:
      • Open Link in a new Window (invalulable with the way I browse the net).
      • Full screen support.
      • Page save ability.
      • Picture save ability
      • Copy link to clipboard
    • Taskbar Battery Indicator. Nice and really small along the top of the unit. It does not take up any screen real estate while letting you know how your battery is doing at a glance.
    • File Explore. This adds the following to File Explorer (which if you Resco makes this a mute point):

      • Enable ZIP support
      • Enable Storage card format support
      • Add Properties to the context menu
      • Add folder up button.
    • Program Manager. You can have a program manager, or least switch between running programs, added to the context menu.
    Must Have: RESCO EXPLORER 2003. All I can say is that this really does give you just about every tool you have come to expect from a file explorer. Nicely laid out and very easy to use. Supports file drag and drop.

    GAMES. Of course the entertainment value is part of my rating for any device and this unit does not disappoint with it. The screen size and apparent ability to work with every game I have tried so far. I have tried visually intensive games like Tomb Raider and my new personal favorite...Warfare Incorporated.

    Bluetooth. I do not have a headset so I cannot comment on that. I have not yet paired my laptop. It is probably do to my total lack of knowledge of bluetooth. I will post this a seperate thread to help shead light on it. I think it is going to work fine, once I know what I am doing.

    Wifi Card. I have the Scandisk 256 mb scan card. I got it recognize and available wireless networks around my house once, but have not been successful since then. It never recognized the mem card part. I have heard from other forums that this issue is do to ScanDisk's card and not the 660x support for Wifi. Since I got it work once, I am sure once I switch it out for a card that has proven to work with the 660x I will be fine.

    I have contacted ScanDisk 5 days ago, and still no response. Urrrrrrg!!!!!

    One Handed Operation. After having the second phone for awhile now, I can see why some people have no trouble with opening the keyboard one handed while others do. My first one slid open real easily, while my new one is still is a little more stiff. Just enough to make it easier with two hands. I do feel it easing over time, so I think some phones just have to work themselves in.

    This does NOT effect the one handed operation of the OS or programs at all.

    And especially with the SPB Pocket Plus and Voice Command, the 6601 is truely a great one handed navigation device.

    Conclusion. I am still happy with the phone. I still cannot put it down, it has to go with me everywhere (Avantgo and Pocket Express who even needs magazines in the bathroom!), simply because it is so cool.
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    Good stuff Hobbes -- keep it coming!

    P.S. How long did you have your Treo 600?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebar99
    Good stuff Hobbes -- keep it coming!

    P.S. How long did you have your Treo 600?
    10 months or so. That is 10 months of a lot of on the road use, so I got to know and respect my Treo dearly.
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    Hobbes: The Voice Command you like; is it an onboard software program or SPCS VC? Long ago, I had an LG phone with onboard VC and it was the cat's pajamas. Just wondering if SPCS got this right.


    Bob Duckworth
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    Quote Originally Posted by rduckwor
    Hobbes: The Voice Command you like; is it an onboard software program or SPCS VC? Long ago, I had an LG phone with onboard VC and it was the cat's pajamas. Just wondering if SPCS got this right.


    Bob Duckworth
    this is a 3rd party app by Microsoft for the PPC.

    I too had vc on an old Sanyo 4900 and loved it. This is even better because I dont have to set up each voice command, train it, and recognizes better.....though I still have to turn down my car stereo to use it!
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